Come explore Whistler this spring!

Near Vancouver, Whistler B.C. consists of two mountains in southwest Canada. Families should visit Whistler in the spring to take advantage of the myriad of suggested family and child-oriented activities. While a luxury tourist destination year-round, the spring and summer in particular offer a wealth of family activities in Whistler that are often overlooked by ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

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Families who visit Whistler in the spring or summer can rent bicycles and bike together on the over 150 miles of bike trails. While days of free range exploration are possible in the picturesque and sprawling bike park, both children and families can brush up their riding skills under the guidance of skilled professionals as well. Children as young as six years of age can participate in the mountain bike camp, with classes offered for beginners, experts, and all skill levels in between. Families can also stick together and pay for a private lesson with one of the expert coaches who reside at Whistler.  

Learn about the Native Culture

Visitors interested in learning about the native people of the area can also visit the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center. Native food can be purchased here, as can jewelry and other pieces of art fashioned by the tribal craftsmen. Guests can watch the artists at work or explore the building and learn more about the history and culture of the First Nation. There is even a nature loop that families can take a stroll through that highlights local flora and fauna.


Activities for all ages

While very family-friendly, parents and children also have the opportunity to participate in activities in Whistler separately during their stay. For very young children, childcare is available to give parents a chance to take time for themselves and enjoy some of the more adult activities Whistler B.C. has to offer. This includes glacier skiing, spas, and golfing at any of the multiple golf courses. Dinner tours can also be enjoyed, complete with prizes and games.
While the adults are off playing, children and teens have their own activity centers. The Adventure Day Camps take young children hiking, swimming and to the nearby Adventure Zone. Pony rides, bungee trampolines, and a human gyroscope ride are just a few of the activities that can be found in the Adventure Zone, which is open to older children and adults as well. Older children can visit the Youth Center and play pool, skateboard, or work on art projects, among other activities.
Whether hiking, swimming, and riding together or splitting up to pursue varied interests, Whistler B.C. has activities for every age and interest. Parents looking to instill a love of nature and the outdoors can do no better than to visit one of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations on the planet.

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