New Year And Morocco Proper Combination of Amusement and Gratification

All wishes can’t be true and fulfilled in a single year, so while we talk about them, there are different and various scenarios which are faced by everyone and we never properly act upon those things which are for us.  This disassembled life then drag us to a point where we actually need to stop and spend time on our own selves. I also have also faced this situation where I was so busy working and managing my home that I totally forgot to spend time with myself and my family properly. My children used to call me a boring mom as I never went on a vacation with them and this was the end of the year, I remember I resolved that I will at least go on a vacation this year and enjoy with my family.

Hence resolution I started looking for the destination as the winter vacations and the Christmas evening was also close and I got a plan to celebrate the new year on the vacations as well. So while I was browsing for the countries to visit I found that Morocco is definitely what I wanted for me and my children. The glamour and tremendous fresh air with the resorts and the new year party at Sahara dessert grabbed my attention. So the surprise was ready, planned, booked and double checked from my side.

Next step

Well, the next step was to take off from work and I had many annual leaves left so I applied and my cooperative boss granted me the vacation leaves. I told my husband and he was so amazed and happy to know, well we don’t know about others but the new year evening on the top of our list. Our all-inclusive Morocco holiday packages included the party at Sahara and a lot of fun on Christmas evening as well.

Let Me share You My Experience

Being a citizen of UK we know that which parties are the most enjoyable and which ones are not. You can say that we really had high standards regarding this and we accepted it to be the best vacation we ever had. I was confused about many things such as what I need to pack and when will I shop and how will I manage stuff! So for all the moms who are right now struggling from the same situation I was going through I have some of the amazing tips which I learned from my experience of the new year in Morocco.

Things Which I Took With Me

First of all, when you are a mother you think about your children even before you think about I took all the important stuff with me including the diapers and pacifiers, the wet tissue rolls were a must as they were not going be found at the flight. Another thing was the thermos with hot water, this was a precautionary measure.

The Hotel Room

The hotel keys and the room number was crammed by me and my husband but when we reached the reception we totally forgot it. You need to jot things on your smart phone while you travel it’s very important to utilize this gadget for this purpose.

Transport service

As our All inclusive Morocco, holiday package  included the transport as well so now the ultimate quest for me was to keep my things and my children prepared before the car arrives. For that my alarm worked the best and we roamed around the country and city due to my punctual nature! So all the punctual moms need to take care about the time because time is always less and you need to consume more out of it!

The Party

The Sahara desert Christmas party was more than just amazing. Santa clause came on the camel and who has ever saw such thing in the UK? Not only us but the children also enjoyed this view! So I must say this view and the food and the ambiance was amazing

The Day Reserved

Okay as I was pretty busy enjoying the whole vacations that I already decided to keep a day for the day before our departure I visited the market and spent this whole day for shopping and brought the amazing ornaments as well!


So I also set an alarm for the flight and we made it safely to the airport but forgot to return the keys and then my traveling agency customer care helped us in that and their agent came to us and took keys from us. But I must say that not everyone was as lucky as we were regarding the traveling agency, do return the keys on the reception before you checkout!

After this tour, I was more refresh and more active but more famous among my colleagues after they saw my amazing pictures on Instagram!

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