How to Claim Denied Boarding Compensations

We often get denied boarding by the airlines for various issues. Denied boarding means to refuse to carry a passenger with confirmed tickets even when the passenger has been presented within the time specified for boarding. But it has some reasonable grounds like health issues, safety or security, inadequate documents etc.

In order to prevent from flying with vacant seats, airlines allow overbooking expecting cancellation of tickets in coming days. But in case, if no cancellations are done, then passengers with late booking denied boarding, and are eligible for compensation only if you have a confirmed ticket and are present at the time of boarding.

Airlines are bound to compensate if they deny boarding of a passenger. Airlines can compensate by booking an alternate flight for the particular passenger, which is to be departed within an hour of originally booked flight. Airlines can inform the passenger earlier to avoid inconvenience.

If you are denied boarding, you are entitled to ask for compensation. Airlines must refund your ticket within 7 days and arrange an alternate flight as soon as possible. In addition, the airline must serve you with meal and safe accommodation if the alternate flight is late to depart.

But you are not entitled to get compensation if denied boarding, if you were not present at the time of boarding. You didn’t present the required travel documents to the airline authority and have health issues and couldn’t pass the security check. These cases of denied boarding are your responsibility and not airline’s, so you are not liable for any compensation.

Denied boarding is enough to ruin all your plans for a smooth journey. Generally, airlines inform about it prior to boarding date, soyou have enough time to make a backup plan if possible. But more than that, you are now aware of your rights very well in case of board denying.

Now-a-days, various online flight booking portals are available, where you can track the every minute status of your booked ticket. Such portals not only provide cheap domestic flight tickets offers,but also keep you well-informed about all the terms and conditions of airlines.


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