7 Amazing Reasons Why Travelling Alone is Good For You

You are your best company. Believe me, because this statement is coming from a globetrotter. The best memories that I made came from my solo travel expeditions. Well, technically I wasn’t alone because I always had books to read and Internet access that allowed me to browse my social media accounts. But I need to take any friends with me. Services like HughesNet Satellite Internet were enough for me to FaceTime or Skype my friends. But only when I missed them. Which was rare during my solo travel trips. To be honest, while traveling on my own, I am so engaged. I love getting acquainted with the locals and the culture in those countries. Therefore, I hardly miss anyone back home.

And I bring to you some amazing reasons why your next trip should be a solo travel as well.


One of the major reasons is that solo traveling makes you a confident individual. You always travel with friends or family. This means that you always know that someone’s got your back in case something goes wrong. Well, this is not the case when you are traveling alone. You will have no companion. Which means that you will have to look after all inconveniences yourself. And NO, you cannot avoid things that do not please you. And all this makes for a perfect scenario to teach you confidence. You will interact with strangers on your own and stay alone in a room. You will travel to a country all by yourself. And you will manage everything over there alone as well. From looking after your luggage to carrying your shopping bags, you will do it all by yourself. Hence, making you a confident individual.

Talk to the Locals

Traveling alone is good. But keeping to yourself while you stay in another country or city is not good. That kills the purpose of traveling alone. When you solo travel, it gives you more time to make new friends. And who better to befriend than the locals. This will not only help you in getting to know their culture better but will also teach you about the personality of the people of that country. And believe me when I say you’d love to interact with the locals of an area. It’s the most pleasant experience.

Cheap Thrills

Another benefit that traveling alone will bring you is the cheap trip that it will be. Obviously, if you are traveling with friends, you tend to spend more. Traveling alone will not be that heavy on your pocket. Because when you are traveling alone you can mold your choices according to yourself. You do not always have to dine out in the most expensive restaurants. Or not always go for pricey tours. You will be your own boss. Hence, you will have the liberty to decide.

You Plan Your Day

A solo travel means that you choose all the activities according to your mood. And the budget of course. When you travel with someone, you have to keep in mind their preferences as well. And at the time, their choices might not be what you like. But out of courtesy, you have to agree to what the other has to say. But guess what? This won’t be the case when you travel by yourself. You will be bound to no schedules. Nobody will decide your plans for you but yourself.

Bad Choices are Allowed

At times, you might choose a very boring place to visit while visiting a country. Or you might book a not-so-good tour for yourself. But you do not have to feel guilty about it if you are traveling alone. I mean who will be there to feel guilty in the first place? You did not ruin someone else’s day. Did you? And with that peace of mind, you can make all good and not so good travel decisions while your solo travel.

More Travel Possibilities

Traveling alone will also open more traveling possibilities for you. Because you will have no one to tell you just how much they hate your idea. You can experiment all that you want. And if you do not have a phobia of any sort, you will have limitless options to explore.

Sudden Change of Plans

Yes, that’s an actual concept when you solo travel. If you have a sudden mood swing, you can always cater to that as well. And make last minute changes. Because whom are you answerable to? You got that right.


But in case you miss a travel buddy, you can always contact them. You will have access to the Internet at all times. And many would come at affordable rates like HughesNet pricing deals. So cost isn’t an issue. However, I guarantee that you won’t miss anyone. And you will come back with some great memories not to mention, some strong friendships. Things that you will cherish for ages to come!


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