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Safari experience is almost an amazing experience for wildlife lovers. Half of our generation is spoiled and the other half has grown up watching animal planet and national geographic. So, the love a curiosity about the wildlife is quite natural. Well, Tanzania is one of the African countries for Halal friendly holidays. This country is perfect for wildlife enthusiast and Muslim Travellers. If you’re looking for a convenient travel experience,

Muslim Friendly Trip to Tanzania

Places to Visit

  • Dar es Salam:

Dar es Salam is the most convenient option to choose your delightful holidays. The city is one of the fastest growing city of Africa. In terms of business and government, they are doing some tremendous changes for the country.

Dar es Salam is the place to explore plenty of attractions. Museums, national parks and you’ll find a few halal restaurant and nearby Mosques too. Cultural diversity revolves around Arabian and German and British trends. Still, it has a quite favorable environment for Muslim travelers.

  • Arusha:

It is the town you can’t avoid at any case. It is also a stop or you can say the beginning if many exciting journeys. You can select a day trip to Safari or to the Kilimanjaro. These are the most selected tours by the travelers of Tanzania. Apart from that, you can an extensive range of options in the city to shop around and eat healthily.

  • Zanzibar & Tanzania Islands

It is the place for those that are looking for a luxurious beach holiday. You’ll get many suitable options for hotels and a lot more to make your vacations a delightful or enthralling experience.

  • South & Central Tanzania:

If you’re really interested in exploring Tanzania to its depths. Choose your itinerary to South or central Tanzania. Wildlife, the lifestyle little touched by the modern world and a lot more. Life out there is similar to the cities but it is also holding up to the amazing Safari experiences for the tourist.

However, your life is inviting you to the most enthralling experiences. Don’t miss them, you’ve got a chance to make a trip that is worth researching and serving to your profession too. so, choose an amazing itinerary to the world of wonders in Africa. Live beyond the luxuries, travel as much as you can. Make it a lifetime cherishable experience for you and your family.

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