Past 50 years Transporting Goods on a Three-wheeled Rickshaw – Venkateswarlu

See his hard work from this picture and he has been doing it from past 50 years his name is Venkateswarlu and his age 60 years. he will transport every day nearly 300 kgs of goods. every day his life starts fresh and he has to search for orders and he had success in getting the orders and transporting from past 50 years.he is happy with his work and life.his son and daughter studied well and settled.he is telling that every hard work will get paid better.rewarded him for his commitment towards work.Every day i decided to reward an old age or handicapped person who is working self rather depending on other or begging.(The Game Changers-They Don’t beg or cheat rather they work hard).


Bezawada Chakravarthy

Bezawada Chakravarthy’s journey began in the Village of pothavaram in prakasam district,Andhra Pradesh. Born on the 16th of June 1986, Bezawada Chakravarthy is the 2nd among the 3 children of Vijayalakshmi and Purnachandra Rao Bezawada. Chakravarthy's childhood was one of immense struggle and difficulty. As a youngster he worked with his family in rice mill to make ends meet. Yet, these hardships did not deter Bezawada Chakravarthi. He remained a devoted student, always eager to learn something new. From his younger days, Bezawada Chakravarthi was drawn towards serving the society and serving god. It was this passion to serve that drew Bezawada Chakravarthi to the roam all over the nation and analyse various socio economic factors in the nation and giving him a first hand experience of India’s diversity, people’s joys and their problems. As a youngster, Bezawada Chakravarthi participated in the rallys and agitations on opposition of Kargil border fighting in 1998. Currently working as social worker,entrepreneur,politician,swayamsevak.

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