5 Tips for writing blog post

You might have a lot of knowledge about a given topic, and you think you can add some values by writing that blog post on the given topic- but you do not have technical knowledge, you should stick in here to get ideas to Pen down those lines.

For example, if you do not know about the length of your paragraph and put the idea in one detailed paragraph you might scare your reader who landed on your website.

You should make that content in a different paragraph with a key point in heading of that paragraph to get the attention of the user.

“If you cannot attract people, you are wasting your time”

Key points of writing a blog post:

With a blog post, your attention should be to stick your user into the lines and provide the knowledge which he/she hunting for.

Template the blog post:

Before writing a blog post, you should think about the style.

Like most of the bloggers follow the general template of writing

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

You also can adopt that general template to write a great blog.

Now, when you have a template, you can fill that in with your blog posts.


You should take 6,7 lines in writing an introduction, try to put the importance of that topic, and how that blog post or topic can change your entire mindset or how that can provide values in your lives.

Put your main ideas in headings, you can write heading without of putting any texts in your template.

Once you create a template, with an introduction, heading, and conclusion, then start actual filling of that template.

Use 5, 6 heading in the body of your article, try to be targeted; do not make it complex to understand the user.

You should be like opening one knot at one time of a rope.


You need to figure out the putting of the images on your blog post, you can have lots of free stocks to get images.

Search out there and find suitable images regarding that blog post.

If you can afford use paid images, you are going to get paid for your content, do not worry. But if you are really not in mood of spending money on images you can search for free images online. Some Free images have their copy rights so the question is how to use copy right images on your website without caught in trouble ? There is a tool called Reverse Image Search . Upload the image you like on the tool or put url of that image. This tool will bring you the results of all websites who used this image and have original copyrights.

Now you problem is resolved!  But HOW ?

Now you can use that image in your blog post by giving that website credit which you finds out with reverse image checker tool .

Without of the images, your blog post would not do as well. Try to put 5,6 images, compress the size of the images to make them fast loading.

“A picture worth thousands words”

Use short paragraphs:

Try to be relevant to your blog post, can add some irrelevant lines to put the focus on your original blog post.

Most of the time you should be like answering a short question, what he asks, you provide, that is it, do not make it feel boring, it should feel like you are writing for that only reader.

Use 5, 6 lines in one paragraph, and if necessary concludes the thoughts using some bullets as well


Most of the writers find it very easy to remove some lines or fix the grammar or plagiarism issues.

But, in actual, editing is the most difficult part of writing, you are seeing a blog post as a piece, and removing one block from that building can demolish the entire structure of the building.

You should go like; having a thought, anything interrupting that thought should be cropped out from that piece of content.


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