Punjab startup wootbee launches online platform to Find Best Cooks, Maids, Tiffin Services in your Area

Tell Me About Yourself?

I am from Punjab and currently in UK. Currently, I am pursuing my MSc in International Business Management. I was a Senior Microsoft Business Intelligence developer and currently I am working as a waiter and finding out time, saving money to invest in my start up. It’s been 4 years and many unimplemented ideas which were rested in my books due to money and mentor-ship problem. I always pushed myself and believed that I can do it maybe not now. I have a Never give up attitude. I feel you only lose, when you give up.

For me the journey is very very tough ever since I joined IT sector in 2012. I always thought of making something which can be helpful to the society as my approach has always been to tackle the problems which exist in the society ranging from corruption, rape or finding cooks or maids.

I believe for every problem we can develop a solution if we accept that the problem exists.

About Your Startup

www.WootBee.com – Want One Of These Services – Cooks, Maids, Caterers, and Tiffin Services.

Mission – We are passionate to build a user-friendly, reliable and hassle-free online platform where a user can Search, Compare and Find services of an area.

Vision – To connect the service providers with a broader online audience to uplift this community, generate more business and empower end-users to get better services.

Finding a Cook or Maid is always a tussle for people living in metro cities, especially bachelors. When I moved to Pune, everything was amazing except my search for healthy food. Initially, I thought it will be manageable but very soon the picture dramatically changed. I found it difficult to eat every day from outside. It was costly as well as unhealthy. I started to figure out alternative options like becoming Master Chef by myself but failed the very next day because I was not having enough time, energy and skills. The problem was getting bigger each day and then I thought of finding Tiffin services or cooks near my area. I searched on the internet but it was more time consuming than cooking by myself. The information on web was fragmented and unorganized. The only way I found the cook was through a reference from my colleague.

Moreover, I have heard stories of people who marry early to share burden of cooking with their partner. Even, they believe that travelling in heavy traffic is far better than cooking at home. But after marriage, situation gets worse as Wife can live without a husband, but not without a Maid. So, finding these services was a clear problem and we challenged ourselves to tackle it.

While developing a solution to this problem, we realized that cooks or maids were not having any tool to interact with end-users. The community they belong to was cared less. They have to request people working in IT companies to list their name and numbers on company’s classified or share their details with security guards of the societies to refer them for more work. The situation was really shocking and care for this vast community was definitely required.

Why WootBee?

To resolve this problem, we build WootBee – Want One Of These services.

This platform is a user-friendly, reliable and hassle-free online portal where end-user can search, compare and find better services like Cooks, Maids, Caterers and tiffin Services of an area.

WootBee follows a 2-way approach.

Firstly, it will facilitate the end-users to connect with these service providers. We provide them access to best service providers and they can see profile, ratings and reviews to make a better decision.

Secondly, it will help in the uplifting of the people such as cooks or maids by reaching to a broader audience, providing them an opportunity to work more and earn well to live a better life. Moreover, they do not have to request or run behind other people asking for work.

We have a database of 11 cities of India – Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and metropolitan cities.

If you need any more things to cover then do let me know.


Chander Sharma




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