Importance of Self Service Portal in Recruitment | 2019

Lots of recruiting companies have joined the self-service portal bandwagon owing to the benefits that come along with the service. The self-service portal is of the essence since it automatically manages data without the need for manual manipulation. The user creates an account and is able to fill in details at the comfort of their own time. As the recruiter, you just search and all information about a particular person is revealed to you. Data integration and privacy are therefore enhanced in self-service portals as compared to when data is stored in databases. Every HR professional must learn the vernacular of information technology to be able to serve clients perfectly.

How Your Clients Can Utilize the Self-Service Portal

Recruiters using iSmartRecruit will have a smooth time dealing with candidates. The Client Self-Service Portals can handle most administrative duties such as sorting out CVs, organizing information and ensuring every profile has all the required information. As a recruiter, you don’t need to keep organizing files since all files of every candidate are perfectly sorted in their profile meaning you can access individual files with a lot of ease.

The portals are managed by joint operational features which enable recruiters to seek the best candidates by simply searching whichever skills they are looking for. You will know what recruiters are doing, know the best action to take in order to make the recruitment process to be smooth and effectively. All recruitment activities are recorded in the portals meaning you will be able to see the stages of hiring. Even if the recruitment staff hands over the recruitment tasks to another team, the new recruitment team will be able to know what has been going on in the recruitment tasks. View your interview statuses, where you have reached in recruiting every particular candidate so that you don’t do any errors.

The self-service portal has also enabled recruiters to communicate directly with candidates in a more individualistic way since all contacts are featured on the portals. You don’t need to send a bunch of emails at once, every candidate can be given information on their individual portals. For those who have lots of employees and would like to manage them well, the self-service portal of iSmartRecruit can help. Every employee will have his or her own portal where all details will be featured. A number of hours worked, overtime worked, the salary of every date, bank payment details, amount to be paid, promotions and other things will be featured on the portal. You don’t need to go and peruse records for you to find different information concerning employees, all of it is in one place where you can easily access it.

How Your Candidates Can Utilize the Self Service Portal

As an applicant, you always want to make sure your application is given maximum consideration. This should then be followed by prompt feedback so that you know whether you have been accepted or not. The iSmartRecruit Candidate Self-Service Portal is wonderful because it enables you to create a portal, upload your documents and recruiters will find all your details there. They will analyze it and give you an update on your portal. When you log in, you will see the status of your application and you will be able to know whether you have been accepted or not.

As a candidate, you can search for matching jobs because recruiters feature all their jobs on a smart recruit to ensure people can always find them. Once you find a job that matches your skills, all you need to do is do direct application since all your details will be captured automatically to the recruiter. Save yourself the hassle of uploading documents every time you apply for a job.

You can see the interview date scheduled so that you prepare yourself and know how to present yourself. It is first indicated on portal them an email is sent to you to ensure you prepare yourself perfectly. Candidate experience is therefore improved because recruiters are able to provide feedback at every stage of the recruitment process. You will be able to know what the recruiters have for you so no need to always about recruitment every now and then. Always make sure you check your portal to know the status of your application.

Other Benefits

If you think you have seen it all, there are still lots of benefits you need to consider. You can track your new employees and give them proper orientation that will make them feel at home and welcomed. Go paper free ensuring you do your tasks without the need to deal with lots of paper works and other kinds of daunting data tools. Personalized content, instant communication, and excellent transparency to ensure everyone in your company is individually addressed. You can even automate activities like provisioning of uniforms and ensuring timely delivery of security badges. You can even print IDs from the portal so that every employee has an identification card in place.

Self-service portals are of benefit to both recruiters and candidates and it is for this reason that people are advised to use iSmartRecruit. Proper data management, excellent analysis of data and proper communication channels to ensure your hiring process is devoid of mishaps. Create an employee personalized engagements where you can create a positive working environment for every employee. The self-service portal brings in wonderful management of all departments in your company and also helps candidates to easily apply for jobs. It is worth to invest on.

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