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‘First of all, I want to say that I am proud to be part of this team. The change began here when I took over the captaincy and now I am not sure that after four years we have won here.’

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Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli was speaking in the presentation after washing Sydney Test and winning the Test series 2-1 due to rain. They were referring to four years ago when the Indian team visited Australia in the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The Test series was going on when Dhoni had announced to leave the captaincy in the middle and the team’s responsibility was handed to Kohli. In that series, Kohli’s bat had spoken solemnly. He scored 692 runs, but Australia won the four-Test series 2-0. Kohli repeatedly used a word, ‘proud!’ He said, “It is a matter of honor and pride to captain this team. All the boys have played so well that I started looking good as a captain. This is my greatest achievement so far. “This win is really special because the Indian team has managed to beat Australia for the first time in the Test series on their own. The team led by earlier captains has won the Test match there, but the series has won the first time.

Which record did you make?

1. First Series Wins
The Indian team is touring Australia from 1947-48, but it has won the test series for the first time there. In the first match of this series, India defeated Australia in Adelaide, Australia returned to Perth in the second match and the series came 1-1. The third Test was played in Melbourne and Team India once showed a bustling team interest and then won the match. If the fourth match of the series was played in Sydney and did not give up the rain, then the possibility of winning India in this match was much more. In 1947-48, Australia scored 4-0, 1967-68 in 4-0, 3-0 in 1977-78, 3-0 in 1991-92, 4-0 in 1999-2000, 3-0 in 2007-2000, and 2- 1, won 4-0 in 2011-12, 2-0 in 2014-15. This is the first time when India is named as the winner in the Test Series played in Australia, and as the Kangaroo team’s losers.

2. 31 years later on Follow-on
Generally, when a Test series is played in Australia, the front team has to face the falsehood several times. Follow-on means that if a team runs 500 runs in the first innings of the Test, the other team has to score at least 301 runs. In the absence of this, the batting team is called to bat again when all-out is called, which is called Follow-on. Australia faced Fallow 31 years later in this series. In the first innings of the fourth Test, the Indian team scored 622 runs and in reply, Australia scored 300 runs. Kohli gave the follow-on to Australia and lowered it for batting again. In the second innings, the Kangaroo team scored 6 runs that rain canceled the match. Earlier in 1988, England had given the follow-on to Australia in a Test match played in Sydney. Earlier, in the match, England scored 425 runs and Australia was reduced to 214 runs. In the second innings on call for the follow-on, the Kangaroo team scored 328 on two wickets and the match was drawn.

3. Bowling, batting, top of both
Test series is played on the fastest pitches of Australia and most of the wicket-takers do not have the name of their fast bowlers, it is rare. But this is exactly what happened in the history change series. India has won this test series of 2018-19 by playing almost one-sided cricket and the series records are giving this testimony. The top five batsmen who scored the highest runs in this series have three Indians. Cheteshwar Pujara scored 521 runs in seven innings at an average of 74.42 in this series. Cheteshwar, who scored three centuries and one fixture, played 193 runs in Sydney. Rishabh Pant, who scored 350 runs on the second run, and 282 runs at number three, Virat Kohli, captain Virat Kohli. Talking about the bowlers, Jaspreet Bumrah was the frontrunner with 21 wickets in eight innings of four matches. He picked wickets at an average of 17 and when Kohli did not disappoint him, the ball did not disappoint. Nathan Lion of Australia is second in the list of highest wicket-taker bowlers. They also got 21 wickets. Lion is a spinner. Third is Mohammed Shami of India, who has got 16 wickets.

4. Biggest Lead
For the Indian team, the batsmen in this series, especially Cheteshwar Pujara, have shown a huge game. And this is why India has made another record on Australia. This is the first such series played in Australia, in which the Indian team has managed to take the two biggest lead. The first Indian team in the Sydney Test got the lead of 322 runs. This is the second largest against Australia and the biggest lead in Australia. In the Test played in Kolkata’s Eden Gardens in 1998, the Indian team achieved 400 runs against the Kangaroos. Apart from this, the third match of the same Test series was played in Melbourne, where the Indian team achieved the lead of 292, which is India’s fourth largest lead against Australia. In this way, India got its two biggest lead on the opposition team in this series.

5. Amazing Kuldeep Yadav
On the pitches of Australia, usually fast bowlers are silver, but it is not that the spinners do not show any impression here. Who will remember Shane Warne, who has been battling batsmen for many years in Australia and other fields of the world. In the last match of this Test Series, Captain Kohli brought Kuldeep Yadav to the ground and after getting an opportunity, Kuldeep managed to write his name in the record book. He took 5 wickets in 99 balls in the first innings of the Sydney Test, which is the second-best performance of any foreign reviewer in Australia. Prior to this, in 1955, Johnny Wardley took 5 wickets for 79 runs in Sydney. In the Test match, Kuldeep took five wickets for the second time.

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