Football Tips for Group Defending Practices

Warm Up: 5 to 10 minutes Activity Level: Mild, increase Space: General; 1 to 2 players for every gathering


Weight The Game Groups of three; one ball for every gathering. Player A rolls the ball (accepting ground balls) or hurls the ball (getting air balls) to either player B or player C. In this precedent, player C must control the ball and get a finished go to player B. While this is happening, player A promptly challenges player C and endeavors to win the ball back. After the effective pass, player C would then get the ball and rehash the action as the protector. The safeguard is granted a point for winning the ball back and gets the opportunity to toss once more. For better practices always choose a good Football Club in Dubai, Abu Dhabi…



Training Points

  • Urge protector to weight rapidly after the hurl. The protector needs to buckle down at shutting down space while the ball is in flight.
  • Getting player’s first touch ought to be far from the compelling protector.
  • The player accepting the pass should move to make a reasonable passing path.
  • Try not to enable the accepting player to one touch the approaching hurl. This is an accepting drill, and additionally a penetrate that fills in as a decent warm-up for works on managing safeguards.


Little Game: 20 to 25 minutes Activity Level: Medium movement to high Space: Defined littler space; 3 to 5 players for every gathering


Weight/Cover Defending the Game 2 versus 2 with objectives set apart out toward the side of the matrix. Have a general amusement with times of around 2 to 3 minutes in term and have a lot of additional balls prepared to keep the diversion streaming.


Instructing Points: Defending Principles of Play

  • Weight on the ball: Do not give the main assailant’s a chance to head come up.
  • The second safeguard must cover the objective and in addition, knowledge about the second aggressor.
  • The main safeguard attempts to channel the assailant into the sideline and far from the second aggressor. This is less demanding to do since the objectives are toward the sides of the network, the sidelines come up snappier.
  • At the point when the main safeguard has made the play unsurprising, the second protector endeavors to the twofold group.
  • Ensure the protectors remain adjusted, that they don’t turn out to be excessively spread out, empowering the assaulting group to make part passes.
  • When the ball is won, would they be able to shoot? This is the best time to do as such in light of the fact that the assaulting group isn’t in a decent guarding stance.


Four Goals- – End Line the Game 4 versus 4, each group guards two objectives and assaults two objectives. Having the objectives on the end lines makes this amusement more practical as it powers the assaulting group to have all the more a heading to their assault. (A decent session for U-12 players or more.)


Instructing Points: Defending Principles

  • Guarding turns out to be especially testing since the shielding group has two objectives to safeguard, basically transforming this into a 6 versus 4 amusement.
  • It is a smart thought to initially enable each group to choose themselves, where they will endeavor to win the ball. At the end of the day, would they say they will challenge the ball everywhere throughout the field, or will they hang back and attempt to just guard the space near their own objectives?
  • Would they be able to channel the ball into specific zones of the field to pick up ownership?
  • Would they be able to apply enough weight on the ball to constrain the principal assailant’s choices and make the play unsurprising?


Group Game: 30 minutes in addition to Activity Level: High Space: Defined for the amusement = bigger space; 7 to 11 players for every group.


Four Zones Game The Game a consistent 11 versus 11 or 8 versus 8 scrimmages. Break the field into 4 flat zones. Honor the safeguarding group focuses when they win the ball in a picked zone. For instance, the blue group may be given 3 for winning the ball back in the primary zone, two for the second zone, one point for the third zone and no focuses for the fourth zone. This can change contingent upon where the mentor needs the group to endeavor to compel the play.

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Training Points

  • Endeavor to get the players to cooperate as a unit, with every one of the 11 players mindful of the guarded arrangement.
  • Will the shielding group control the assaulting group, making them play the ball in a specific zone of the field, and afterward win the ball?
  • Ensure you give shielding plans to the two groups.


Warm Down: 5 to 10 minutes Activity Level: Low, sloping down Space: General, no particular limits; 1 to 2 players for each gathering


Two-sided Goal Game the Game a 2 versus 2 diversions played with a two-sided objective. Objectives can be scored from either side. The amusement is a persistent stream diversion that is best played for 2 to 3 minutes.


Training Points

  • A decent warm-up or chill off amusement to show protecting and assaulting abilities.
  • Safeguards must ensure they cover the objective and in addition the assaulting players.
  • Protectors must work at diverting the main assailant far from their help.
  • The assaulting group must be great at combination play to unbalance the resistance.
  • When the ball is lost, the protecting group must get the objective side.
  • Endeavor to assault instantly when the ball is won.

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