What Is Clothing And From Where Clothes Originated? What Are The Functions Of Clothes?

What do you understand by the clothing? Clothing is referred to the clothes that; are worn by people to cover their bodies. Clothing is the collective term for those materials that are worn by people to protect their bodies.

  1. Clothes are usually restricted to human beings i.e. only human beings are fond of wearing clothes.
  2. Clothes are made from different types of materials such as animal’s skin, fur, wool, silk etc. there are so many clothes that are gender specific i.e. means it can be either worn by men or by women.
  3. Clothes are worn by people according to their body shape, size, choice etc.

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Can anyone guess from where did the clothes originate? There is no specific answer to this question. When the early men started inventing new things, they thought of covering their bodies with animal’s skin, wool, fur etc.

Later on, clothes were made with different types of patterns and designs. Generally, the clothes were invented 42,000-72,000 years ago.

In today’s time of modernization, there are so many different types of clothes that are used by people to protect their bodies from different types of weather.

What are the advantages and functions of wearing clothes? There are so many functions and advantages of clothes. Some of them are mentioned below with a specific reason:

1. Clothes provide protection to the body:

  1. This is the most important function and reason to wear clothes. People wear different types of clothes just to protect their bodies from different types of weather.
  2. For example, people wear clothes made from wool and silk in winters to protect their bodies from extreme cold environment whereas people wear cotton clothes in summers to protect their body from sunburn and wind change.
  3. Different types of clothes are worn by people depending on the climate and weather.

2. Clothes help people in identification also:

  1. There are so many clothes that tell us about the profession of the specific person that we are dealing with or talking with.
  2. For example, a chef wears apron and coat whereas a doctor wears a white coat and stethoscope. This is how different types of clothes make the identification of the people easier.
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3. Status:

  1. Wearing up neat and tidy clothes or branded clothes help in making your status rich from other people.
  2. Nowadays, people wear different types of clothes according to the trend. This also helps in making the status of the person rich and classy.

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