3 Dupattas to rock this wedding Season!

Pakistani weddings are the best because they are full of colors, sparkle, week long events and unlimited dancing and dholkis. Excluding the aunties who keep eyeing you and make a gazillion comments, everything is amazing about Pakistani weddings. The best part is, you get a good reason to dress up yourself in amazing outfits and make a dozen of different outfit choices. There are numerous designs and cuts available when it comes to Pakistani traditional dresses for weddings. At every nook and cranny you will find out a dozen of designers selling their exquisitely amazing dresses at pretty much affordable rates. Since Pakistan is rich in desi fashion, you will never be short of ideas for what to wear to the next wedding in line this year.

However, finding quality and value of money can be a bit tricky. And this is why you should pick only the most authentic platforms for shopping dresses for the weddings in your family. Fashion enthusiasts will go around the globe to find the answers of all their fashions qs. And compromising on the quality is a major NO, thus authenticity of the designer you want to shop from is a prerequisite you should not miss to check or else you might deal with a wardrobe malfunction in the midst of all those dance moves. One such authentic platform that has an amazing collection of Pakistani dresses is Pret Diaries where fashion is all about the right cuts, colors and designs. It is the best place for online shopping for women.

So it’s the big fat wedding season in Pakistan is here, but what are some of the newest trends in dupattas this year? Well, we have rounded down the perfect dupatta guide for you to make all those heads turn this wedding season.

  • Phulkari Dupatta

If you feel nostalgic looking at this dupatta, then let us break the secret to you. This is the very duppatta your mom and khalas wore back on their weddings. This super colorful and embroidered dupatta has an appeal to it that can hit the mood right to the Punjabi fields. This dupatta is a mirror to the heritage of the Punjabi traditions and family values. Traditional yet super modern, Phulkaris have made their way back to the fashion. Pair a Phulkari dupatta with a plain white suit on a mayon night this mehendi season and revive your desi roots.

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  • Heavy Gota Work Duppatta

Every girl knows the importance of duppattas at wedding season. It has the tendency to change the complete look of the dress. Even if you are wearing a simple dress, draping a heavy duppatta will do the rest of the job of making you look enchantingly beautiful at a wedding. One such duppatta is a heavy gota work duppatta which can transform the overall look of your dress and make it appear the absolute dress of the night. If you really want the special limelight, sport a heavy gota work dupatta this wedding season.

  • Masuri Block Printed

Another duppatta out of the attic. This traditional piece is yet another classic way of turning any ordinary dress into a head turner dress of a wedding event. Get extra attention in the crowd by draping a colorful masuri block printed duppatta.

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