Teaching English to Non-Speakers with TESOL Certification Courses

When it comes to the English language, there is no better way for anyone to learn than through experienced teachers, put simply the language is quite complex in its grammar and expressions to be learnt on your own. For non-native speakers, the hassle of learning English on their own is even more pronounced. Here is when learned teachers can step in.

Yet there is a unique challenge when it comes to teaching English, sometimes the native speakers themselves are unable to distinguish the issues that may be faced by other speakers. There are also issues pertaining to grammar, pronunciation and more parts of the language that need to be learnt properly before anyone can teach. There is also the fact that the core skills such as grammar, speaking, reading and writing needs to be very good before it can be imparted to others. The rules of the language need to be learnt well and only then can anyone become a good teacher.

What TESOL Certification courses are available for the masses?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is a standard through which people can get certified to teach English to anyone. One of the more common courses and certifications is the IV. Through this, you can teach English to practically anyone and also enables you to take up certain steps in order to be a better teacher. If you are unsure of whether you are qualified to write a TESOL Certification course, do not be. Anyone can take up this course and become a certified teacher if they want:

  • The relevant skills and qualification, which would allow them to work in a language school in Australia.
  • The qualification to work in a school, university or training business abroad, all of which use English as a standard of communication.
  • Official Australian government regulated qualification. They must also have been teaching English online or abroad.
  • To be able to teach ESL programs and have been English teachers for a while.
  • To start teaching or training and even open a business based on that, yet they lack the necessary skills and official qualification.

What does a course entail?

In general, a TESOL course entails various core units and electives. They can vary depending on the type of certification. For a level IV, the general course length is around 12 months and consists of 12 modules; 11 core units and one elective unit. The length of the course can be shorter too, but that is dependent on the type of assistance that you take. If you work with an organization that has all the relevant experience, their expert guidance and help can ensure that you finish the course in lesser than the stipulated time.

Why the certificate IV?

The prime reason for that is that this is recognized nearly everywhere in the southern hemisphere. If you happen to like teaching or want to impart good knowledge and language skills to non-native speakers, you can do so through this course.

It will help you get a better grip on the nuances of the language and how speakers of other languages can perceive it. Through the course, you will also be able to understand the difficulties that others face and address it through their perspective. You will also better craft lessons and modules for the understanding of non-native speakers through the coursework. There is also the elective of assisting children to learn English that is the ideal pathway if your area of interest lies in educating children. Overall as the sector is seeing a lot of demand for English language teachers, it might be the ideal time to pick up the certification.

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