Words and gestures are the significant elements that dictate the vast range of emotions and behaviors. Language is an important part of a culture as it is the amalgamation of its rich history, stories, and lives. It impacts the lives of every culture, race, region and religion. It is the basic human need to communicate a message, emotion, and query. There are thousands of different, beautiful, enriched languages spoken throughout the world. Even the mute individuals have a way to communicate through a separate language. Human beings have diverse ways to communicate their message to others. It creates a bond among groups and separates us from animals and non-living things.

However, the ability to communicate and learn a new language is often overlooked. It would be highly ignorant to assume that you can go to any part of the world and can easily convey your needs and requirements to the native speakers. From a business perspective, if you’re well versed in other languages, you can easily attract more clients and failure to do so may result in losing potential customers. From a doctor and therapist’s point of view, knowing different languages can help in understanding the problem of patients and their situations more deeply, which will result in you being more resourceful and attentive to their needs. If you’re a writer at dissertation writing services or any other online writing website, then being fluent in other languages can highly benefit you as well.

Furthermore, knowing more than one language boosts your confidence, and gives you an intimate and deeper insight into another culture. English is considered the universal language but studies predict that the Chinese might be the most dominating language in the future. If you’re interested in stepping into the future and master another language, below are some options for you to choose from.

Mandarin Chinese: This is one of the oldest languages spoken in the world and has played a part in influencing other languages in Eastern Asia, including Japanese. It is the official language of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Other widely used dialects are Wu, Xiang, Cantonese, Min, Hakka, and Gan. To be called fluent in this language, you must learn 3000 symbols. All these facts might cause you to think of it as a difficult language to master, but it must be acknowledged that it has no gendered nouns, plurals, tenses, or conjugations. There are simple and easily understandable prepositions and conditional sentences.

Arabic: Although the accent of Arabic language is pretty challenging to grasp, once you get the basics right it becomes quite easy. The language is written from right to left, and most of the words consist of three consonants that define and give the underlying meaning to it.

German: This is probably the most difficult language to master on the list since every noun has a gender. However, if you ever want to take up a tricky and challenging task, you must give it a try. The German language is a fascinating language with quirky proverbs and poetic descriptions. It is widely spoken in the world and is considered the language of thinkers and philosophers.

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