How to Make Reading More Interesting For Students with Learning and Concentration Difficulties?

Have you been struggling lately to help some of the students in your class with learning and concentration difficulties? Unfortunately, this is one of the major concerns that makes many teachers out there very much stressed as you have to understand the problems these kids are facing and have to think about different ways to help them pace up with other students in the class.

There are many different approaches that you can use to make reading more interesting thing for the students with concentration problems. However, to learn these modern teaching methodologies you have to consider taking up teacher training course in Kolkata. These courses train you and give an extensive perspective about dealing with students from different walks of life. In a class, all students aren’t same and do have different learning style and capabilities.

Here are some of the aspects that you need to bear in mind to improve the reading skills in your students:

Find Out Books That Intrigues Their Natural Interest:

The best way to raise the spirits of your students to read more is to offer books that they like to read! Being a teacher, you must try to find out the interest of your student by asking them- who loves to read adventure stories, fascinating stories about the world we live in or sports. You will be amazed to know the choices of different students. Ask them to read more books they like and come up to discuss what they read and what they liked about. This way you will be able to encourage them to read more without pushing them to read. However, if you wish to learn more comprehensive ways of improving reading skills in students then enroll in teacher training course in Kolkata.

Genre of Books That is Engaging and Motivating:

There are some genre of books that are very engaging and motivate students to read more and keep coming back to get new books. Again, you have to learn as a teacher about the genre of the books your students like the most. Let’s have a look at some of the different genre of books that you can offer your students for reading are:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction- These books enable young learns to experiment different things to see the world differently.
  • Humor- Humor again adds a fun element to make them read more.
  • Mysteries- Mysteries and detective stories have always been most popular among the children as they add a quotient of fun and help them improving their problem-solving skills.
  • Historical Fiction- These books help students to learn about history about different places, times, and people.
  • Biographies- These give an in-depth insight into the life of some remarkable people who have done one or another thing good in their life.

Are you trying to find out ways to improve the reading skills of student with learning and concentration issues? Learn new techniques of improving your teaching style by signing up teacher training course in Kolkatanow!

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