7 Great Part-Time Jobs for Students

Living the life of a college student is an immensely complicated affair. The greatest struggle for most students is achieving financial equilibrium- which is not easy considering it’s the first time they tackle adult responsibilities such as paying rent, living alone, buying groceries etc. The philosophy of spending, put into use by the majority of the young adults, is disbursing their savings in their first week of freedom and struggling financially in the days to come.

As a result, students at higher level educational institutions are required to partake in part-time jobs that can allow them to survive university while simultaneously providing them with ample time to focus on their academics. Furthermore, taking up a part-time job while completing higher education, is reflected well on one’s job application. Apropos to this, students can apply for the ensuing positions that can earn them extra credit:

1. Working for a driving service: With online car services replacing taxis, students have the opportunity to earn enough money to survive university life. By working as a driver, students can learn the crucial skills that can reflect positively on their resumes. Students pursuing with a career in customer service can especially benefit from this job as it will promote their interaction with different personalities on a day to day basis. This can prove to be expedient as it will provide them with exposure as well as an insight into the human mind. Essentially, as a lift driver, the individual can socialize with others and expand their expertise on the likes and dislikes experienced by different individuals. Furthermore, as this role requires one to work according to their schedule, students can be on the clock when they find the time. In addition to having a flexible schedule, driving a car does not require experience or skills, thus landing this job will not be difficult!

2. Social media marketing: It is said that if you’re good at something, never do it for free! As many youths are well experienced at scrolling through social media and leaving replies to a long chain of comments, landing a job as a social media marketer is like a dream come true. While attaining this job may be comparatively complex, it can show its benefits in the long run. Most individuals that opt for this position require excellent customer service skills, instant access to the internet and creativity in marketing ideas. To secure this position, students are required to understand the desired company’s market and consequently, come up with ideas to form a connection with their customers.

3. Tutoring: Students that desire to expand their careers as an educator can benefit from various tutoring jobs. This profession can provide individuals with experience as well as the confidence to work as an educator in the years to come. Teaching others is not only a humble profession but can also be convenient in terms of fitting one’s academic schedule. Students can land tutoring jobs by posting advertisements around the university campus, or work with online portals that can connect them with students around the globe.

4. Freelance makeup artist: Currently, the need for a freelance makeup artist is gradually growing. As the art of putting on makeup requires a lot of effort and practice, talented students can benefit from this profession by applying their skills professionally. However, finding jobs in this arena can be slightly difficult as it requires posting advertisements online and waiting for responses. Essentially, to be a freelance makeup artist, creating a portfolio is crucial. Consequently, students that aspire to partake in this profession can create an online page that presents samples of their work. The only drawback of the freelancing approach is the impermanence of getting hired. Thus, for students that occasionally run short on cash, this job is a perfect fit!

5. Freelance writer: Students that proceed with a degree at higher degree educational institutions have the advantage of exercising their writing skills. As a result, these students can put their talent to good use and work as a freelance writer for various companies. Talented writers can utilize their finely framed speech to paint dazzlingly beautiful illuminations that can land them a freelancing position at a prestigious company. Parallel to the previous position, this will allow students to work in concordance to their timetable while having certain deadlines that need to be met. Moreover, as working as a writer teaches the individual the art of following directions and engaging with clients, this job can demonstrate an astounding work ethic that can mirror positively on the student’s resume.

6. Dog sitter: Those who fail to believe in the role of being a passionate worker have never worked as a dog sitter. This job is perfect for students that adore dogs. While the pay scale can be relatively lower, in contrast to the aforementioned jobs, this position can be described as heaven on earth. Furthermore, the minimum requirement for this position is loving dogs! Essentially, this job will not take much of the student’s time and will further function as a stress reliever from all the anxiety caused by academics.

7. Working at a bar: Students that can only participate in nighttime jobs can thrive by working at a bar. This job will expose them to a variety of lessons such as interaction with customers, bookkeeping as well as managing subordinates. The basic requirements for this job include having an outgoing personality, ability to deal with impatient customers and excellent communication skills. While this job may be unconventional for certain students, it can be advantageous as it teaches vital techniques that are crucial for running a successful business.

While working at a university level may be a necessity for most individuals, it can also act as a blessing in disguise. Holding a job emanates professional life experiences that can be helpful in the long run. Additionally, having a part-time job will land students in situations where they can learn time management skills and decision-making abilities that will shape their personality to be fit for a professional career.

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