Unparalleled Support in Orthotics & Prosthetics Billing

The best part of working with Sunknowledge Services Inc will be our ability to go beyond just processing data. We analyze, optimize Orthotics & prosthetics billing with our disciplined understanding of the best practices of the industry and offer our superior support that transpires into better collections for our clients.

We understand that Orthotics & Prosthetics Billing are often subjected to coinsurance or co-pay and payer requisites vary with requirements of authorization. It is an extremely vital component of the provisions of benefits of a member.

 A Faster Orthotics & Prosthetics billing approach

Gain visibility within your organization by fully leveraging on our expertise in Orthotics & prosthetics billing. Our team has the understanding, competence to work across all major practice management/ billing systems and offer seamless assistance for better reimbursement.

Our team excels in providing tailored support and clear ongoing communication with dedicated account management/ customized reporting support. Our team has an excellent track record of reducing billing costs by 70% with a collection increase of 97%.

As a 100% HIPAA compliant destination, Sunknowledge Services Inc ensures:

  • Rx Order Entry
  • Patient demographics & insurance entry
  • Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification/Authorization
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • Collection of documents for Auth approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • A/R Follow-up

Drive your business ROI with the Sunknowledge advantage

Our experts offer your seamless consistency across all major billing systems, offer great ability to offer as your ultimate operational extension. As a complete Orthotics & prosthetics billing company, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers a power-packed performance when it comes to offering state of the art support in practice management/ revenue cycle management priorities of a provider.

Reduce cumulative wait times; improve your overall reimbursements with a powerful Orthotics & prosthetics billing company. Our team has the ability to work as your ultimate partner when it comes to eliminating proven challenges in your billing.

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and experience an upgraded opportunity with improved cash flow. Our team is just a call away from you. Let us brainstorm, share ideas on how we can accelerate your collections with our dedicated plan of action.

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