Trendy Glass Shelves for Modern Interior Decor in 2019

Glass shelves in your living room, kitchen or office are essential in organizing your space. They can help you to ensure you have everything organized and put into order. When looking for glass shelves ideas to incorporate into your home, consider the layout of your floors, the wall plumpness, the cost of installation and also the most economical designs. In this article, we will look at the most trending glass shelves that you can use in your home to make it look modernized and elegant.

Swinging Pullouts

Having kitchens with small spaces can be overly tiring since you have difficulties in organizing your items together. Since you want to keep your kitchen space always neat, you would need to embrace modern ideas such as the swing pullout. With this design, the door is fixed with glass shelves such that when the glass door opens, the shelves also open. Mostly they are useful for corners where it is difficult to install straight edges shelves due to accessibility. The advantage of this design is that you can easily access the items stored on the shelves once you pull the door out. You should consider this design if you are looking forward to making your kitchen more organized in the long run .

Corner Glass Shelves

The corners in your house can be decorated using  glass shelves with modern designs. Corner glass shelves come in different designs that fit precisely into the corner designs. The choice of the design is dependent on the preference of the homeowner. Usually, it is recommended that you should identify the type of corner glass shelves that you want for your home or office before you buy them.

Wall glass shelves

Having wall glass shelves in your living room or kitchen can help you to display invaluable items. This type of design is usually straight edged and may either be rectangular or square. For modern homes, the wall shelves may cover a large part of the wall so that it acts as decoration and also be used for storage. If you are looking to introduce an attractive design to your home, you may consider the frameless wall glass shelves. They can be used for the display of invaluable items in your home’s living room, hallway or kitchen. The choice of the size entirely depends on what you want to showcase to your visitors.

Open Shelving

Within your kitchen, having an open shelving design will help you not only display the items you have but also improve the organization. The open glass shelves are just hung on the wall with wall mounts. Mostly, they can be installed in a vertical position on top of each other at considerable distances. The open shelving is popular because it is easy to install since it only requires the wall mounts and a custom cut glass. The glass used for the open glass shelves should be hardened and resistant to scratching to make them durable.  

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