Indian Wedding room block at an alternative hotel

With the advent of easy transport facilities more and more invitees travel to attend marriages far and near. The parents of the girl block hotel rooms to accommodate the guests well in advance. The standard, location and peak season hotel booking policies differ and you book that suits your budget convenience the best.

Indian weddings are organized in the most happening place, but guests are booked in some other hotel not so far away because the package deal is not lucrative. In that case the guests or the host rent cars or buses for ferrying to the wedding venue. It is affordable and done with ease within the budget.

Hotel room block is a reservation scheme for more than ten hotel rooms. The advantage of room blocks there is concession on money, time and guests are in group and conveyance is also arranged accordingly. The search for room block begins 3-8 months in advance. There is enough time to inform the guests so they can decide, plan and feel exhilarated about the event. Different hotels in the vicinity are contact with policy details. The one most suited is then booked. However, all the family, extended family as well as friends need not be in the same hotel. If the number is great and two hotels details are appealing both can be booked and transport arranged.

The guest new to the place of wedding will not know much about the area.  So, to tide over this difficulty book only those hotels which are maximum half an hour drive away from the venue of wedding. So not more than ten miles away. If you find another hotel at a walking distance from the venue that will also be suitable. To hunt for adjoining hotels, go through the locality map and all hotels of different brackets will be highlighted. Get in communication with them and make booking.

Luxury wedding venue in Delhi includes banquets, lawns and hotels. You can check prices and availability of rooms for stay. Based on this information you can block the rooms in proximity hotels which are within your budget. Hotels may hike the price if there is important event around your dates. This could be conventions, concerts, travel season. However, do not block in multiple hotels as that will only create confusion for transportation and communication will take a long time. That mush time the host may not be able to spare on the busy wedding day. Some hotels as a matter of principle do not impose fine for unused returning booked room. Other hotels have attrition clause in reservation agreement. It permits a certain percentage of attribution. This solves the situation.

Food and beverage minimum are the condition when you book hotel room block. Every hotel has sales goals and they must be met. Off site event participation by guest is not taken in consideration by them.  With little imagination you could be unique in your approach.  You could offer guests a bottle of wine at the time of check-in. The hotel will not mind this alternative. There could be many such alternatives and the sales team can help you with choices.

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