How modern technology is damaging our hearing

Hearing loss is commonly caused due to exposure to loud noise and aging and it can be treated with using medicines, surgery and many other methods. A exposure to loud noise is a major cause of preventable or treatable hearing loss.  A noise-induced hearing loss is caused because of damage to the sound-sensing cells in the cochlea which is a part of inner area of the ear which converts vibrations into electrical signals and loud noise damage auditory nerve that connect inner ear to the brain.

A technology is good for improving our lifestyle or lives but it also harms or damage our health and especially it harm our hearing. In these days most of the people every time use earphone or headphone to listen to the music. And they are not aware of how their unhealthy habits can damage their hearing.

Various reports represent that there are many relations between problems of loud noise produced through modern technology as well as premature hearing loss. A hearing loss is commonly presented in many individuals without any symptoms or pain. And some of them don’t know there hearing is decreasing continuously. There are various modern technology that we use in our day to day life and damage our hearing.

The sound of music:

In this era, everyone wants to feel the full sensory experience and they purchase sound surround system for the home to experience real life cinema. A background sounds of these systems damage our hearing and it is founded in office, factory busy city sidewalk as well as pubs and restaurants.

Mostly hearing loss is founded in individuals due to wearable audio devices such as headphones. Reports or survey show that approx 66 percent of individual or people listening music at  85 dB or more than 85 dB that can damage our hearing permanently. So we need to use hearing devices safely to protect our hearing.

Digital hearing aids for youth:

Most of the younger men and women from age 20 to 39 who use digital hearing aid have symptoms of short hearing loss because of listening music at loud volume. Due to the more youthful time of hearing difficulties, more youngsters are experimenting with advanced amplifiers. Gratefully, the span of computerized listening devices has diminished, and the gadgets are more discrete that make them relatively undetectable.

Computerized listening devices are likewise following the development of other online retailers like the stylish Warby Parker or Casper, which makes the way toward purchasing a gadget easier and more fun. It is important for youth and younger individual to know about the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.


Physical effects:

Pollution of noise alert every individual about their hearing loss. There are a lot of serious physical condition like as hypertension that causes hearing loss. By following healthy routine or lifestyle of hearing we can minimize our risk of hearing loss or deafness.

People are also losing their hearing in other different situation such as construction site, music festival or nightclubs. In many countries, various rules and regulation are available to prevent hearing loss during work but in India, not any rules and regulation are available to prevent hearing loss at working places.


Hidden hearing impairment, tinnitus, and hypersensitivity to sounds disrupt the lifestyle of people and usually mean that a man has an improved probability of torment from more serious hearing impairment in older age. This makes a noise-induced hearing loss, one of the major problems for the general public.

However, with an MRI check, we will ideally have the capacity to comprehend who is most in danger and act right in time to counteract additionally hearing impairment. Therefore, will lessen the demand for important healthcare resources and Improve the hearing health of every person.



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