How Many Used Cars are Being Sold in UK


Despite an unprecedented period of growth for the new car market in the United Kingdom, the used car market has consistently been more valuable with a much higher number of vehicles sold. In reality, it may take a few years for the renewed growth of the new car market to have an effect on the used car market, as most people are still reeling from the recession and a lower number of used cars are entering the market than in previous years. Let’s discuss the numbers.

1. Britain’s Best-Selling Used Cars in 2018:

Brits buy four times as many used cars as they do new vehicles. The secondhand car market is a hugely important one, which is why there’s always so much interest on the latest sales analysis figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The latest date for 2018 has now been released, with the SMMT chief executive describing it as proof “the UK’s used car sector remains at a very high level… it’s great to see millions of consumers benefiting from some of the latest, safest and cleanest models now filtering into the market.”

2. Figures:

There’s even a surprise amongst the figures. While new diesel car sales are very much in the doldrums, the reverse is true for used cars – petrol sales have fallen nearly 10 percent so far in 2018, with diesel used car sales up 2 percent. That reflects the boom in new diesel car sales in recent years… and a similar sales surge has seen 15.9 percent more hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars change hands in 2018.

3. What to Buy:

Any car that is subject to a staged replacement, such as the current Vauxhall Astra, which is only available in new form as a five-door, with the three-door, estate and convertible still based on the old model. You should tour the dealers after the registration plate change to see what they’ve taken in part exchange and need to get rid of quickly. Used Car Sales in Cheshire is booming due to increasing customers. Cheshire motor car sales provides you with minimum hustle to buy a used car in budget prices.

4. Records:

Britain’s used car market reached record levels in 2016 with 8.2 million vehicles finding new owners – an uplift of 7.3% – according to figures published by SMMT. Meanwhile, 1.8 million used cars changed hands in the fourth quarter, with a 5.5% rise in October making it the second busiest month since the switch to a biannual new car plate change – the busiest month being April of the same year.

The market reflected the changes in new car consumer tastes, with smaller car demand showing no sign of slowing. Superminis were again the best-selling body type accounting for more than a third of all used car sales whilst transactions of city cars grew 11.5%. Of all body types, however, SUVs’ popularity rose fastest – up nearly 17% to take an 8.3% share of the market.

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