Hourly Hotels Are The New Cool

It’s not really a pleasant moment when you have to check out of a hotel. I mean who to be honest loves to leave the warmth and luxuries behind, getting back to the basic life? Not me at least. The pain worsens when you check out of your hotel in the morning but your departure from that particular place is later that day. Tired and clumsy, we want nothing else but a comfy bed.

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But it’s really hard on your pocket to spend a whole day’s tariff just for few more hours stay and harder for those who are in the city for short stays. The burning hole in the wallet doesn’t really make you happy when these short stays to make you pay more than required.

This problem is grim when it comes to unmarried couples especially. Not only they get disapproving behavior of the hotels’ staff at times but they have to pay a whole day tariff too, doesn’t matter their stay was for just a few hours.

This is where we step in. Ghanta Hotel introduce you the concept where you pay per GHANTA (hour) as we believe ‘why pay more when your need is less.’

Ghanta Hotel Links up with different properties to provide you absolutely safe and secure short stays. These stays are 100% couple friendly and very much nominal. Ghanta Hotels are open for everyone who is in need of micro stays. With us, there is no hustle of check in and check out times apart from the hourly payment system and this is what makes us stand out of crowd.

We make sure that our young clients and their identities are safe and steady and that they get some welcoming treatment without feeling gawky.

Allow us to provide you with our services in the hotels near you at economical prices. You can easily book hotels online. Be it a business halt or some quality time with your beloved, Ghanta hotel plays abode for one and all.

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