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If you think content marketing is all about writing articles or blogs on your website well it is not. It ’s the whole lot more than you can imagine. Well before going into deep what is actually content marketing. Well, content marketing is a marketing strategy to tell your product story to your right audience. Now it’s upto you what and how you want to convey your story.




Before starting content marketing, it is very important to know why it is important for your business, why every new start-up comes up with content marketing strategy before actually advertising their product.

  1. Targeted audience: The major benefits of content marketing Is that you can only focus on your targeted customer. They are the ones who will be interested in your product. Even it becomes clearer to the consumer that what kind of services and product you will deliver, how promising they can be.
  2. Awareness: You can always create awareness about your product and services before it is even on the market and let the targeted audience be excited about the upcoming product. Using the different and right strategy of content marketing will defiantly create some loyal customers.
  3. Cost effective: Content marketing resulted as way more cost effective than the traditional way of advertising. Even using so many different platforms, you won’t be spending much. You can create so much traffic just with the right content.
  4.  Lead Generation: Every research starts with finding the quality content of the product one is interested in. With great content, information, pictures with great graphics. Sooner with great content, you will start having your own loyal audience, and ultimately you will start generating leads too.


The strategy of Content marketing

Content marketing is not just a content writing but a strategy to attract your potential audience, there is no such particular strategy to follow, but you can have your own strategy.

There are various types of content strategy you can follow, some of these are :

 Infographics: To describe it in simple words, its visual representation of information as data, stats in a very swanky way. It is said to the most effective way in content marketing, attract most of the targeted audience by giving almost all the details of the product in the most attractive way.

eBooks: if you think your targeted audience is more of readers types, then writing e-books can be one of your strategy to generate leads. You can have a comparison list with others products or “how-to” process can also be another type of e-book you can create.

Videos: audio and visuals can really make an impact in the audience’s mind. A great way of content marketing is through making vlogs and videos.

Photo collage: This is one of the effective ways to represent many things in just a small picture with very attractive pictures of many things. Using customized photos with a great caption can create greater impact.

Comparisons: Before buying a product it’s a rational consumer habit of comparing various other similar products. Content marketing is not only for promoting but also for enhancing the knowledge of the consumer. Comparisons are the best way to do so.

Blogging: This is a very trending strategy, as every marketer is spreading awareness through writing about their product. Content marketing always more than just a marketing, it’s more about adding value to the product. You can tell your story by writing the benefits, features or how -to about the product.



Well, even after saying this much about content marketing. I would still say its very vast concept of marketing. Very reliable and cost-effective way of marketing. There are multiple strategies you can start with almost no or zero cost. Add value to your business and aware your target audience now.

Hope this article was helpful!


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