Consider These Health Tips While Performing Hajj 2019

Many people are getting ready to perform Hajj this year with great excitement and love. This is the time when all the Muslims of the world show empathy and unity to the world. If you are going on Hajj this year and you have got the hajj packages then you are going in the right direction. There are many other things that you have to take care of other than transportation and food. That thing is your health because if you will be healthy then performing Hajj will become easier. It is necessary to take care of your fitness before going on hajj because it is vital for you. After reaching Makkah, you will stay busy in performing the rituals and it is possible that you will not get time to eat and drink at the right time.

These are the health tips that you need to take care of during your Hajj journey.

  • Personal Hygiene tips

It is necessary to maintain your personal hygiene instead of looking at others to keep things clean. You must take shower daily, brush your teeth, and wash your hands very often. Use the tissue papers or handkerchief if you have flu. Use the handkerchief if you are sneezing and coughing because the germs can be dangerous for others and it also does not look good. In the crowded area, you can use the face covers and any piece of cloth for covering your head and face. Do not keep the trash in your bags because it will look very dirty and you will not be able to find important things.

  • Haircutting and shaving hygiene

You must choose the barber who is neat and clean from his appearance. He must use the clean and new blade for cutting your hair and beard and you will get to know about this rule in the 5 star hajj packages 2019. You should not share your personal shaving kit and hair brush with others because it is not right to do. You must use your personal shavers for shaving because if you will use the shavers of others then you can become a victim of hepatitis and AIDS.

  • Food protection

It is necessary to take care of the food that you will eat during hajj. You must clean the food such as vegetables and fruits before eating them. Try to avoid using the uncovered items from the streets and use healthy and packed things. Before eating anything, you must wash your hand using the hand wash or soap.

  • Avoid sun heat

It is better to use the towels and clothes or use an umbrella for covering your head while you are out in the sun. You must drink juice and water while performing hajj otherwise you have become dehydrated. Avoid the risk of heat and sunstrokes at every cost and wear loose and light-colored clothes. You must use your daily routine medications during Hajj to avoid any severe condition. Follow the instructions that are given by the travel agency in hajj packages.

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