Best Applicant Tracking System for Your Firm

The Applicant tracking system is a software that analyzes resumes and allows human recruiters to make sound decisions about the kind of professionals to hire. The system uses artificial intelligence, internet of things and other kinds of analytic mechanism to go through all applications and deliver excellent judgment on who should be shortlisted and who should not. This is the best way to ensure recruiters don’t make mistake and there is no biasness because the software scans through all resumes appropriately and deliver excellent results at all times. Understand more about the system and how it can help you.


Why Should Employers User Applicant Tracking Software

There are limitless benefits of using the system. First, it collects all resumes from applicants and ensures they are well-organized for recruiters to easily sort them and go through them appropriately. It scans through all resumes arranging them in order of qualification and experience to allow recruiters to know who is best for the role. Being shortlisted for an interview will depend on how well your resume is and your experience. It is also not easy to make mistakes when recruiting using this system.

Who Should Use The ATS System?

Large and mid-sized companies have installed these systems. Large companies not only enjoy a wonderful recruitment process from the system but they also benefit on the easy staff management aspect of the system. You can create goals, create work roles and ensure your company objectives are well defined for every staff member to work towards fulfilling those objectives. Companies use Best Applicant Tracking system because they want an excellent workforce that will be productive and take the company to another level. Keep in mind that a company can easily customize its ATS system to meet its recruitment needs so it will be effective and convenient at all times.

How Application Tracking System Works

First, this is a software that has intelligence embedded in it to make it learn resume from applications. The more you want it to do, the more you need to make it learn. As people send applications and resumes, the system scans through them looking at the most wanted skills of the job post. It uses artificial intelligence so it can go through plenty of resumes and deliver results within seconds. The recruiter will be left with only the best candidates that he can shortlist and call for interviews.

Posts Jobs to Most Effective Platforms


After you write your job descriptions, you want to make sure you get best applicants who have proper applications. The applicant tracking software searches for best candidates by use of keywords and they will be notified to ensure they see your job posts. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, your job post will be displayed allowing many candidates to see and apply. Your pool of professionals will increase and you will be able to select the ones that are fit for the role. If you use the normal kind of recruitment, you may not have access to make kinds of professionals and you may get wrong candidates.

Qualified job seekers can be skipped if the resume is written in a manner that does not expose the skills of the candidate. It is important for job seekers to understand how to write a perfect resume for the machine to scan through and get all the details. It even ranks resumes depending on people’s experience.

How Can Job Seekers Beat Applicant Tracking Software

You may have all the skills but your resume may not be that vocal to allow recruitment systems to see your skills. Update your resume based on the written job description to ensure the company’s ATS system can easily identify you. You may be skipped if the software does not recognize you and you will not be shortlisted for an interview. Make your resume simple and ensure you don’t include irrelevant details that are not even needed in the job description. You will be noticed but the ATS and it will be easy for you to be shortlisted. Use keywords as the job description and bold them and make sure you work experience well stated so that it is detected by the ATS.

Is Applicant Tracking Software Here Forever?

The answer is yes, all of these software systems are here to stay because more companies are adopting them. They are even becoming more advanced with some of them made with staff management systems. You will be able to create company goals, make all teams abide by the goals and ensure all work done by your company employees is well recorded. Some are made with systems to record all hours worked by employees and you can use the ATS system to communicate with your employees. With such benefits, more companies are always finding it necessary to have the applicant tracking system.

To conclude, the ATS does not only affect recruiters but also job seekers. Many companies enjoy the simple staff management features besides the excellent recruitment processes outlined by the system. Made with artificial intelligence, it works like your virtual assistant to carry out some tasks that would have consumed time. For example, resume analysis. Companies can customize the system to match their needs so if your company is big, there are ATS systems for big companies and if it is small, there are ATS systems for small companies. Always easy to use and can be used on multiple devices for convenience.

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