Surprise Your Boyfriend with these Unique DIY Gifts

Naming conventions in Greece are followed very strictly and you will find certain names being passed on to another generation. To make it grand, all those having the same first name will celebrate their Name Day on the same day.

The question is, do you have that perfect gift for your boyfriend on his Name Day celebration? If not, I will give you several DIY gifts that will surely impress your boyfriend as he celebrates this special occasion. The gift ideas are simple enough for anyone to create. Read on to be inspired.

Homemade special cookies

Anyone will appreciate tasty and appetising cookies especially if they were made just for them. If you are good in the kitchen and you can make great homemade cookies, then this is your opportunity to put your culinary art into good use by baking the best cookies for him Name Day. If you are not so good, don’t despair, you can ask your mom to help you make the cookies. The important thing here is the effort. Package the gift in a nice box and wrap it up with a shiny colourful paper wrap and present it to the celebrant. You can complement your happy Name Day wishes with a nice bouquet of flowers.

A cute pet choler

A Dog is man’s best friend and if your boyfriend has a dog for a pet, then you can show how much you love them both by creating a nice pet collar for his dog. Making this gift is pretty simple and all you need is a leather strap and pendant or a tag engraved with the name of the pet. Pet collars are available in many colors to get the color that your partner loves and also looks good on the dog. Being a personalized gift, this will surely make a statement during the ceremony.

A Personalised DIY pillow case

Treat your boyfriend on his Name Day with a simple DIY pillow cover. To create this gift get s nice plain color pillowcase and decorate it either by sewing with his Name or initials on it or by printing it with his photo. The blue color is perfect for him or you can go for his favorite color. You can also print the pillowcase with romantic words all over to make him feel loved and appreciated. This is a lovely gift that is very easy to make and won’t cost much.

A DIY Beer Label

Creating several beer labels for your boyfriend on his Name Day is another great way to show him just how much you love him. Creating these labels is quite easy. Just get pieces of paper, decorate them with romantic words, and wrap them on the beer bottle. You can then present the beers to him as gifts. Guys like to chill out with bottles of beers after a busy day and this will surely make a great Naming Day gift for him.

Homemade Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are also great Name Day gifts that can easily be made at home. All you need are cookies and strips of fortune papers. Write some beautiful words on the strips of papers and insert them in the fortune cookies. Make it interesting by involving his friends to join in the fortune reading as you all have great fun on his Name Day. If you don’t know how to create fortune cookies, you can always Google on how to create awesome fortune cookies.

Miniature Book

Surprise your boyfriend on his Name Day with this one of a kind DIY miniature book that tells the story of your love life. You can start from where you met, where you went for your first date, your first kiss and so on. This is a very unique way to share your love history and you can conclude the book with where you wish your love story to end. I am sure it is – happily ever after – just like the fairy tales. Creating this small piece of may be a great challenge but with the right tools, you’ll pull through.

Organise a Surprise Party

After a long day at work, you can rejuvenate him by organizing a special Name Day party so that he can celebrate with family and friends. Make it grand by including decorations and flower arrangements. This is s a very special day for him and needs all the glamour that comes with a special day. Prepare him his favorite dish and serve him his best drink. This will indeed leave a lasting impression.

A DIY Shoe Rack

If you have all the tools needed for this job then you are good to go. To create one, you need small pieces of timber and some nails and a guide on how to join the pieces of timber together to make a simple shoe rack. Men don’t have as many shoes as women so it doesn’t have to be a long one. This is a very practical gift which I am pretty sure that any man would love. Complement the gift with Happy Name Day cards.

A Personalised Key Holder

Another fantastic gift that is certain he will like is a simple DIY key holder engraved with his name which makes it social since this is his naming day. These key holders are mad made up of wood making it easy to engrave them with any name or initials. You can also shape the key holders in any shape you like to make it even special.

Offer to Wash His Car for Him

Lastly, you can offer to wash his car for him on this special occasion. All that matters in a good gift is the effort and the sacrifice put in something to make it worth it. This looks like a simple activity but, it will really impress him. As I always say a good gift comes from the heart and not the pocket, so do what you can to make anyone happy and that will be a true gift.

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