6 Best Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

A kitchen in a house is more than a place to cook with a number of appliances, cabinets or cupboard sets. It is an integral part of your house and one of the biggest storage area in the house. Most of the homeowners are worried about the storage problems in their kitchen and looking to expand the storage to keep essential things in place to avoid the mess.

In the following blog, we will be discussing the eight-storage solutions that you can have for your kitchen. You can get your hands-on various hardware options. These hardware options will not only enhance the storage but will also increase the access to storage. If you are planning to add storage space and changing the design of your kitchen area, then you should avail the services regarding Cape Cod kitchen design from experienced companies. Without any further delay, let’s move on to the top best option for storage solutions:

1-Pull Out Storage

Pull out spice racks will be one of the best storage solutions in your kitchen. This will give you ease of accessibility and using things properly. Spices are frequently used during cooking. With these pull-out options, you can place them together for an instant reach instead of picking them up from the cupboard.


Bins are one of the most essential items needed in the kitchen. The best bin in your kitchen will be one that is able to manage the waste properly. Now due to the awareness regarding recycling, most of the companies are making bins with sections for placing different material. This practice helps in making the recycling process easy.

Now companies are making bins that are having separate compartments for the paper, glass, and other garbage of the house. This will help you to gather waste at one place but in the different sections giving a clutter-free look to your kitchen.

If you are planning to integrate such bin in your kitchen, then you should go for Blumo servo-drive technology. This technology will help you to open your bins with a one light touch instead of pulling it out with your hands. Furthermore, the bins come in a custom kitchen design so that it looks the part of your overall kitchen layout.

3-Pull Out Tables

This idea will be best for those who are living in apartments. In apartments, there is very less space for a living room and dining room. In this scenario, these pull-out tables can be very helpful to you to give you a place to cook food. Mostly, these tables have a 100 kg limit. The size is 420x800mm. This is the best size to do dinner for two people. It can extend to 800mm and roll back into a 600mm cabinet. You can hide this table behind a regular drawer front.

4-Pull out Pantry

In a stocked kitchen, the items present at the back of the pantry can be lost easily. But this will not be the case with the pull-out pantry. If you are going to choose this option for your kitchen, then you can have access to things easily. This option will help you in increasing the space and then you can use that space efficiently for other work.

When planning to buy it, ensure that you are buying the right unit that is having a decent weight load limit to carry a good number of things.

5-Corner Storage Solutions

The corner of your kitchen remains unused. You should use your corners to increase your space. The two reasons due to which corner solution is not considered by many of the homeowners are; opening is very small and corner is set diagonally opposite to the opening. No need to worry about this, these problems have solutions.

To resolve the storage issue, you can use revolving or pull out shelf style corner access. This space can be used for storing pots, small appliances, and other objects. This will give you a place to store various things and allow you to access them easily without bending on your knees or awkwardly reaching cabinets. Moreover, you can hire kitchen designers to take guidance about storage solutions.

6-Kick Drawers

Most of the time the space under the lower cabinets stays useless. Why not using this space? If you are looking for an effective solution to use this space, then you can select kick drawers. You can use this place to store or place things and access them easily. You can increase the space of your kitchen by 25% by using these kick drawers.

Hope these six storage solutions will help you out. If still looking to get professional help to make your kitchen better, then you should contact kitchen interior designers to get satisfactory results. The expert will guide you in a proper direction to increase your storage space and will ensure proper accessibility for better functionality.

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