What Are The Top Five Best Preschools in Hyderabad?

A pre-school has the primary responsibility to teach fundamental ideas of life like- cleanliness, punctuality, friendship, association behavior which contributes to the overall improvement of the child.  It performs the child well-equipped to take on the kindergarten school with ease.

Specific skills like putting your tiffin box on the mat, finishing your food, locking the box and packing it in your bag, keeping your table clear may resemble routine to us; but a child is not acquainted with these skills. It is the purpose of the pre-school to teach these habits joyfully and interestingly. Thus, the pre-school you choose plays an interesting character in shaping the uniqueness of the child.

Finding out a pre-school that satisfies your child’s specifications is indeed a difficult task. There are various criteria, and priorities parents have as well as the requirements would vary from child to child. Parents’ decisions are generally based on curriculum, ambiance, facilities, child-teacher ratio, location, price and numerous.

Below is a set of top 5 pre-schools based in Hyderabad.

Oi Playschool, Chandanagar

Oi Playschool is one of the principal chains of Preschools in Hyderabad, providing a hygienic and conducive training environment for the kids. The teachers are extremely qualified not only for schooling but to make the learning process more practical and growth-oriented. They follow the child-centric method where each child is given personal attention, and the teacher tries to boost their confidence to create their likes and interests.  They are also rated one of the Best Play Schools in the city of Bangalore as well.

It is situated at:- PJR Enclave,  Road Number 9, Madhavaouri Hills, Chandanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500050.


This is general Best Pre-schools in Hyderabad which gives theme-based, Montessori style, and balanced training curriculum.  Today’s Preschools are crowded with kids, and the teacher is unable to serve individually to the kids. To make this scenario best, the school has managed a healthy student-teacher ratio of 6:1. The classrooms are large and, so it becomes imperative that hygiene and maintenance are an inbuilt feature of this Pre School. Much to the kid’s surprise, they have both an outdoor as well as an indoor play area to combine a dash of variety to the kids’ entertainment.

It is located at:- #3 Besides Hotel Radisson, Jayabheri Enclave,  Gachibowli, Hyderabad, 500032.


Esperanza provides a full display of services like Preschool, Preschool & Childcare, 24×7 Care, Afterschool Care, Infant & Toddler Care, Tuition Services and several more. Some of the best services are so unique that you will not obtain them anywhere else in your city. It is the best and can proudly say that It barely have any competition. This is best playschools in Hyderabad.

In Esperanza international play school , preschool education plays a very vital role in your child’s future. In Hyderabad, this school helps your child improve his fine and gross motor skills utilizing a unique curriculum which is a combination of Montessori, Play way and Many Intelligences (MI).

It can nurture your child’s curiosity and assist him to learn the necessary cognitive skills needed for his growth — all the centers out here at Esperanza, which are recognized as one of the best playschools in Hyderabad, aid in promoting a holistic development of your child.

It is located at:



Road No. 10,Banjara Hills

Opp IAS & IPS Quarters

Hyderabad – 500034, Telangana, India.

T :720 7400 606 | 720 7400 707


Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids is one of the top most leading chains of Pre-schools in the country. With a variety of activities involved in the curriculum like – block building, puzzles, kitchen play, transport toys, and computer lab actions too. This eases for the holistic development of the child.  On special days, they are used for class field trips interconnected to special interests, such as a visit to the hospital, or to a regional restaurant to watch the attempts that go in food preparation. Or maybe a visit to a nearby school, or a connection with nature itself, notice the small things which would be entirely new and engaging for them. So, it is necessary, hands-on training, where they see and learn too. This makes acquiring so much fun, where children would be able to grasp concepts and relate and retain the concepts rather than remember them. The classrooms are air-conditioned, and they perform all the security and hygiene requirements.  The school believes in implementing the kids before they take on the difficulties of the mainstream schooling.

Location:- No. 8-2-282/A, Road No.3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan allows digital with Prismart-3D smart classes performing interactive learning for in-depth learning & virtual experiences. Established in 2005, it has 1000+ offices all over India catering to children between 2-5 years. With international infrastructure, curriculum & training, Bachpan is undoubtedly one of the Top PreSchools/PlaySchools in overall Hyderabad.

Location:- Plot No. 499, Opposite to Audi Car Show Room, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

If you have registered your child in any of these Pre-Schools, It is very loved to hear back from you on your own experience with these play-schools. In case you are looking for the Best Pre-School in your city, you now know where to go 🙂 Happy Parenting!

Go for international play school in hyderabad for your kidd better future.

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