How to Do Digital Parenting?

Parenting has never been effortless but the prevalence of mobile phones, internet and digital technologies has made it even more complex. Today, parents are required to protect their children from the potential dangers of the digital world. Ranging from cyber-bullying to online child molestation, there are several threats kids are vulnerable to. The only way to safeguard children from these risks is digital parenting.

Parents must be aware of the good and bad side of digital technologies, apps, software, games and gadgets. So, they can help their kids using these technologies responsibly and securely. We have discussed here how parents can do digital parenting to make their kids’ digital lives secure.

Use of Digital Monitoring App

The technologists have developed monitoring app to facilitate parents. The aim of such monitoring apps is to keep children under surveillance. Using the child monitoring app, parents can monitor cell phone activities of their children. The digital parental monitoring app like OgyMogy enables parents to remotely track online and offline activities of their teens and tweens.

Also, it allows tracking social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp and Tumblr among others. When you would be aware of your kids’ all online and offline actions, it would be more feasible to protect them from the risks of bullying, victimization, sexting and other online crimes.  

Learn More and More

As well as generation gap, there is also learning gap between millennial parents and post-millennial children. It would not be wrong to state that our children know about social media platforms and online technologies more than their parents know. It makes challenging for parents to protect their children from the menaces of apps and software they do not know enough about.

Learning is a part of digital parenting. The more you would be updated about the latest smartphones, gadgets and apps, the more convenient it would be to instruct your kids about these technologies. You can take help from the internet to learn about the latest or your kids’ favorite technologies. Put your query to Google and let the search engine show you answer.

Make Digital Rules

You can never maintain discipline until you make rules. Make a list of digital rules to discipline digital behavior of children. They must know how they should use their mobile phones, computer, social media and the internet. The digital rules would help them learn efficiently. For example, you can make rules for the use of mobile phones or other digital technologies after a set period of time or especially during bedtime. It will help you supervise and minimize the technology use of your kids.  

Be a Digital Model

Kids do what they see their elders doing. So, stop speaking and start doing. Demonstrate responsible digital behavior to help your kids learn it quicker. Do not bring your smartphones or laptops to dining tables even if you have important job task to complete. Your emails and online chats should not disturb you when you are with your family. Give time and attention to your kids, so they do not look for it at somewhere else.

Have Discussions about Digital Lives

Communication plays a significant role in strengthening relationships. Talk to your kids and educate them about the digital world. Let them learn about bullies, predators, scammers and the best possible ways to stay protected from these criminals.                

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