Gurgaon school teacher opens chole kulchha-chana food stall to support family

Gurgaon’s Urvashi Yadav’s story is an example of the indomitable spirit of women

A Gurgaon woman started a kulchha-chana food stall to save her family from financial crisis Of all the evils that can be listed against the growing web of social media, there are stories such as this one that gladden the heart and restore one’s faith not only in the good of technology but also in humanity.
Yadav is a graduate, a loving wife and a doting mother of two. Till a month back, Gurgaon woman Urvashi Yadav who owns Rs 3cr house, SUVs and was just another Gurgaon resident, working as a nursery teacher and taking care of her family. But things changed when her husband met with an accident in May and the doctors said he’s need a hip surgery. Because of his injuries, Yadav’s husband – the primary earner in the family – had lost his job. Instead of blaming fate and waiting for funds to run out, she decided to do something constructive. Urvashi decided to take control of her family’s financial responsibilities and ventured into opening a chole kulche stall in Gurgaon. This story is an inspirational one!

Standing under the scorching sun and selling chole kulche was not what Urvashi Yadav, a nursery teacher, wanted to do in life. But now she is nothing but proud of it.
Setting up a thela was neither a necessity nor passion for Urvashi but after her husband’s accident earlier this year and the impending hip surgery, she realized that she has to help her husband and reduce the burden on him of being the primary breadwinner for the family.


That is when the idea of using her cooking skills to her advantage came to her. Since she did not have enough funds to open a restaurant, she settled for a cheaper alternative. Even though her in-laws and children were not okay with the idea Urvashi went ahead with the plan after discussing it with her husband.

“Day one was the toughest and I was very uncomfortable. I covered my face, broke down, but eventually I pulled myself together. I hate to admit it but I was the kind of person who couldn’t live without an AC and I hated the sun in my face. Yet, there I was, standing on the side of the road on a hot summer day, getting chole kulche ready for customers”, said Urvashi
Well, Urvashi Yadav (34) is doing exactly that and reportedly earning between Rs 2,500 and Rs.3000 a day.

Located in Sector 14 market in Gurgaon, under the peepal tree and opposite Gulab Sweets to be exact. Urvashi’s stall is functional from 8 AM to 4 PM and has helped her be financially secure.

yadav-fb-story-viralThanks to a Facebook post/blog called Soul-stirrings by Sunali, it seems that it could take a turn for the better.

But it was a Facebook post that made her thela famous and since then there has no dearth of customers. The Facebook post went viral with 9,410 shares, 1.9K Comments and 27k likes.
Thanks to a Facebook post that went viral, graduate-wife-and-mom Urvashi Yadav’s food stall has become an Internet sensation; she now dreams of starting her own restaurant.
Yadav opened a food stall/thela, selling kulchha-chana and sabzi-paranthas. Sunali’s post talks about Yadav’s decision in the most inspiring words:

This post, one of many similarly inspiring ones on the Facebook blog, went viral. People sought out Yadav’s stall to go and eat there. In an interview with Vagabomb, Yadav said, “We weren’t facing any immediate financial crisis, but the thought of it scared me. I never wanted to be in a position where I would have to change my children’s school just because we couldn’t afford their education. I had an idea but I didn’t want to ask my family for money, because if it hadn’t worked, I would have been in even more trouble, financially…My husband’s accident really shook me up. I tried to imagine our family without his income and the future looked grim. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am good at cooking and I decided to use that skill to my advantage. The more acceptable option, according to our family and the society, would have been to open a restaurant or a catering business. But I didn’t have the funds for that. I was thinking about all of this one day when I was in the market to buy medicines for my husband, and I saw a roadside thela.” That’s where she got the idea to start her own; though her kids and in-laws were against it, she had her husband’s support.
Till the Facebook post by Sunali Anand Gaur, Yadav was doing just about okay. But once the post went viral, she was completely overwhelmed by the response. Not only did customers increase manifold, but Gurugram residents came forth with help and encouragement. Reportedly, Yadav is now saving up to buy a food truck, and eventually open a restaurant.
Yadav’s story of grit and determination is truly inspirational, and no one could say it better than Sunali – the girl responsible for bringing Yadav under the radar – herself: “Strong Women don’t want Pity, They don’t get knocked down, They Stand Up and Deal with every Situation !!!”


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