7 Scientific Ways to Be More Productive

As per Francis Of Assisi, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” To end the day with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, one must start the day with motivation and drive. Every successful being that has walked this planet will guarantee you one thing about productivity: it is easily possible. Being productive means, assigning a couple of tasks and goals to yourself every day and finishing them on the dot.

You need to structure your thinking in a way that you wake up with a smile on your face and a mindset that is prepared to fight any adversity.

Some people experience flow when they’re accomplishing daily tasks just because they’re enjoying it and finding strength by defeating hardships and tribulation. Flow is a positive psychological state where the person feels energized and completely engrossed in the process. They feel an out of a body experience, which is quite exciting. Being productive is not a characteristic limited to highly intelligent individuals, but it is a state that can be attained by any person only if they put their mind and determination in it.

Science has conducted various researches on productivity and how to elevate it. Some suggest that rewards work like magic in increasing your productivity level, while others believe that finding your signature strengths and working towards them can excite your productivity, too. Therefore, following are some proven scientific ways to be more productive.

1) To become productive and get more work done in 24 hours, one needs to do some soul searching and try to figure out the reasons behind their unproductivity. First, you need to self-access and find measures and solutions to overcome the problem. If you can’t pinpoint the problem and the cause, you will keep running in circles, and will never reach a conclusion. Make a list of the things that may contribute to decreasing your ability to focus and concentrate. Could it be the co-worker who sits next to you and talks incessantly? Or are you constantly checking your phone and logging in on your Facebook account, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Are you multitasking? There are some people who aren’t productive when their concentration is divided into diverse tasks, and it is possible that you are one of them. This doesn’t mean you aren’t smart or incapable, but it may simply indicate that you prefer giving your 100% to one thing at a time and then shift your focus to something else. Once you’ve determined the cause, you need to address it and work towards bettering it. Analyze various ways you can be more productive and get more work done in the given time. Come up with a strategy and work around your plan.

2) According to the Pareto principle, every task can be sectioned into two parts. First is categorized into important and the other is unimportant. The important part is responsible for all the outcomes, so it is considered best to divert all your focus on that since the unimportant part is ineffective.

3) Another brilliant trick to be more productive is to apply the Hawthorne’s effect on the daily tasks. This isn’t recommended to a person with comparatively low self-esteem or someone with stage fright as it can produce opposite results. However, if you’re a confident and social person, then this is an ideal technique that you can incorporate into your routine. Talk to your peers and co-workers about the new project that you’re working on. This way, they will show interest and keep a check on you which will, in turn, motivate you and give you a positive drive to complete it sooner.

4) Application of the Expectancy theory can also increase your productivity. When you know about the positive outcomes and prospects, you will eventually become more energetic while working harder. For example, if you know a job will not satisfy your requirements and needs, you will never show interest and get bored of the mundane life. But if you realize that the results are prosperous, you’re more likely to accomplish them by increasing your speed and concentration.

5) It must be bought into attention that discipline is the key to becoming productive. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, prepare planners, make checklists, and organize your whole day around them. You must eat a balanced diet, sleep and wake up on time, drink eight glasses of water, and include exercise or 30-minute walks in your routine. This way you will maintain a strong and refreshing outlook towards life. You can’t get things done if you’re not feeling good. When you know that you have to complete a task before a certain deadline; start preparing your mind towards attaining that goal early so that you don’t feel fatigued or uninterested when the time comes.

6) Be ambitious but also be realistic. Strategize your goals while keeping your capabilities in mind. Don’t push yourself too hard as that will result in psychological distress. Set realistic and achievable goals. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t challenge yourself. A balance is all that you need. Push yourself to the extent that you don’t burn out. There are some people who take more responsibility than they can handle which they later regret. Every individual has their capacity, and if they go beyond that, they succumb under pressure and feel like drowning.

7) Consider Hofstadter law while approximating time. No one in the world can assure you one exact time of accomplishing tasks. This is the main reason why sometimes your shipments, deliveries, and other deadlines don’t meet. Whenever you’re making a timetable or a study schedule, try and leave room for errors. If you think that a certain university assignment or office work will take you one hour to finish; try and leave an extra 15 minutes in the schedule so that you’re not running behind. Not to mention, the feeling of inadequacy can cause anxiety and stress in you.

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