Top 4 Reasons to go with Engineered Wood Flooring

Homeowners looking for the classic look and feel of hardwood flooring at an affordable rate should look at engineered/composite flooring. Engineered wooden flooring is less expensive when compared to hardwood flooring and offers the most beautiful textures, shades, and varieties to enhance your home’s aesthetic. The flooring is known to mimic the look of hardwood flooring, and in this post, we have compiled a few of the benefits of choosing engineered wood flooring.

engineered wood flooring
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What is Engineered Wood?

Engineered/composite hardwood has multiple plywood layers. Its composition is such that the inner layers are made of plywood and the outermost is a hardwood veneer from different tree species. The core layers of plywood add stability and flexibility, while the outer surface adds authenticity and beauty. Manufacturers offering engineered wood flooring for sale suggest it is a great option for people looking for the beauty of hardwood at affordable prices.

Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Engineered Wooden Flooring:

1 Durability:

The primary reason to choose this flooring option is that it is durable. The top layer comes with a protective veneer coating helps homeowners and business houses reduce the problem of stains and warping. The flooring gets its strength and sturdiness from the perpendicular layered core of manufactured wood.

2 Available in Many Styles:

When browsing through options, you will get a variety of colour, texture and finish options. Veneer coating options range from lacquered, rustic, oiled and hand-scraped. From Tuscan elite natural handscraped click engineered flooring to Emperor distressed vintage oak, you get to select different options for each room of your home.

3 Aesthetically Appealing:

Engineered hardwood flooring can give an unmatched sophistication and elegance, improving the aesthetic appeal of your house. Whether you want to give the living room a more classic appearance or improve your library’s look, this flooring can significantly add to the classiness, charisma or comfort design elements.

4 More Cost-Effective then Hardwood:

The cost of engineered flooring is less when compared to natural hardwood flooring. Since the top layer is hardwood, the prices are significantly reduced. The veneer also reduces the maintenance cost associated with warping, making cheap engineered wood flooring a great option for many homeowners.

5 Environmental Advantages of Cheap Engineered Wood Flooring:

The flooring option is considered environmental-friendly for the following reasons. Top 4 Reasons to go with Engineered Wood Flooring The flooring option is considered environmental-friendly for the following reasons.

  • The outer veneer is sliced instead of cutting with a saw. This way there are many layers which would otherwise be discarded are put to use.
  • The top veneer coating prevents the accumulation of dust and allergens, making it suitable for people with allergies.

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