1. The wrong installation method- The installation of a door requires professional intervention to ensure it doesn’t constantly swing, drag on the floor or leak. When installing, you must make sure the floors are leveled, the door is plumb with the wall, an adjustable threshold system is used to create an airtight seal, a flashing system is used to prevent water infiltration, decorative residential door glass is supported from inside and the bottom plates are aligned.
2. Choosing the wrong material- Consider the material you want your entry door to be made of. It could be steel, wood, fiberglass, and composite or simply a residential glass door. The type of material you choose should be determined by factors such as:
Climate– It should also not be made of a material that can be affected by weather conditions.
Location- Having residential door glass in an area prone to violence is a wrong decision unless you are prepared for residential door glass repair or residential door glass replacement. This also applies to residential window glass repair.
3. Selection based on price alone- Selection based on price alone may limit your choices, even if you want to work within your budget. Consider all options of economical, mid-priced and luxury doors and make a wise choice depending on the door function.
4. Buying for looks- Do not be deceived by the appearance of a door and think it is the best. Its look should be accompanied by being functional. Aesthetics is very important when choosing, but there is more to consider looks. You must also look at its privacy, security and energy efficiency before you feel tempted to remove your debit card or rush into whatever means of payment you prefer. That is why residential door glass is common since it is not only attractive but also very efficient.
5. Conflicting design- You must ensure the entry door that you choose does not clash with the overall design of your house in terms of architecture and material. Though most house designs tend to go well with residential glass doors and some do not go well with an Art Deco style. Know your type.
6. Inadequate or no research at all– Like any major purchase, conduct thorough research and get recommendations before embarking on the purchase. If you want a residential door glass, you can search the internet for “the best glass companies near me”, or “residential door glass experts near me” and look at the variety available. Do not limit your options by not thinking beyond your nose. Visit the glass company premise and get views from close friends and relatives.
7. Choosing the wrong color– Wrong color can completely alter the elegance of your door. For example, if you have settled on a residential door glass that is not clear, ensure you get a color that relates well to the rest of the house since it is the focal point.
8. Copying your neighbor’s design– This is not only shameful but also an insult to your creativity. Be unique, creative and original as much as possible.

Your entry door speaks volumes to your guests. It could be welcoming or it could cause hesitation and intimidation. It must allow access and provide a sense of security to those that go through it. Since traditional glass panels are easier to break through than front doors made of solid, you might want to consider toughened or reinforced glass for added security while still allowing in natural light. Otherwise, if your front door leads directly onto a street, you may have to endure glass door repair and glass door replacement more frequently. Before you settle on a residential door of your choice, make a list of what you like and what you do not like, consider the weather and sun exposure, establish a budget, determine the timeframe for completing the work, recognize the level of skills you posses and consider whether you want to do the installation, repair or replacement yourself or you want to engage a contractor.


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