Difference Between Mixer Grinder and Wet Grinder

Grinders are one of the most popular kitchen appliances that most of the homemakers prefer to have at their kitchen. Both seem to be mandatory, and among these two types, the wet grinder is most popularly used in South India. Wet grinder picked selectively due to its wonderful features by South Indians.

But most of the people doubt in their mind that whether “we should buy both wet grinder and mixer grinder? Or the only type like mixer grinder can alone do the job of wet grinder also?

Well, to know the answers to all these questions, you should understand the difference between the two types of grinder.

Mixer Grinder Vs Wet Grinder:

The main difference between mixer grinder and wet grinder is that mixer grinder will grind the ingredients and prepare the masala powders and can prepare other dishes too. But wet grinder will grind the rice and dhal ingredients to make the batter. This is the main difference between the two appliances, and you can’t use one for doing other appliance’s work. You can’t use one as a replacement for the other appliance.

But, sometimes, you can use mixer grinder as a wet grinder but, you can’t wet grinder to do the work of mixer grinder.

Can Mixer Grinder be used as a replacement for Wet grinder?

Mixer Grinder used to prepare batter, but the time consumption involved in it is more, and the effort required is too much. Also, the food cooked by using batter from mixer grinder will not give much taste as you feel in the batter prepared from the wet grinder.

In case, you have a small family, and you must require less batter, then you use mixer grinder to prepare it. Here speed and cost are the other two factors which you should consider while buying any type of grinder for your kitchen.

When compared using price, wet grinders are much costly and requires much space to place in the kitchen. If you have any one of these two problems, it is better to go with mixer grinder.

So the question for the above answer is that mixer grinder is enough for you to prepare ingredients used in cooking, but you should get comprised with the time, taste and effort.

Can Wet grinder alone be used without Mixer Grinder?

You can’t replace the mixer grinder with a wet grinder, as you need preparing masala and chutney for which you need only mixer grinder only. To prepare a very high quantity of chutney or masala, then you can go for buying a wet grinder. But dry grinding you can’t do with wet grinder. You feel comfortable to grind the spices using mixer grinder. Also, juicing is another crucial thing that you can do with juice mixer grinder only. Thus, to close this, mixer grinder can replace wet grinder with some loss of taste but, wet grinder can’t replace your mixer grinder. So make your decision wisely on the basis of your requirement and budget only.

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