Can’t Sleep at Night? Try These Bedroom Remodeling Tips

Are you tired of spending countless nights tossing and turning? Then it’s probably the right time to remodel your bedroom design choices! Interior design experts have suggested that improving your bedroom environment can give high chances of acquiring a good night’s sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation’s survey concludes that the majority of the 1,500 adults (ages 25 to 55) said that they can sleep better in a clean and organized bedroom. The result is not really that surprising but let’s admit, do we even have the time or energy to achieve an ultraclean, spotless home?

So here are 5 easy ways suggested by home builders and interior designers to have that clean and clear bedroom space that can give you a solid and rejuvenating rest.


If you are really serious with renovating your bedroom, then you need to get a new mattress as there are so many cheap yet high-quality choices in the market these days, so invest in a healthy one. You may choose from different types such as mattresses, pillow, foam, innerspring, waterbeds, adjustable, and airbeds, depending on your preference as long as it guarantees your comfort and better sleep.

Here’s a tip, opt for a mattress that has a 30 or 60-day guarantee or your money back. Take advantage of it, test it out. Don’t be shy also to try out a mattress in the store by lying down on it like how you would do at home. Determine what size you would go for (King, Queen, or Full), this might be a factor that you cannot sleep.


Having vibrant and bright colors in your home can be fun and refreshing, but this may be applicable to other areas of your home. For your bedroom, it may not be a good idea to utilize them, especially if you have difficulty in sleeping.

Bear in mind that your brain wants to associate the bedroom with relaxation and sleep so it’s just necessary that you avoid extreme colors that can stimulate or get you excited. You would want to stick to more natural or earthy colors that will help you relax instead of getting hyper and energized.

You may want to use soothing and calm hues such as muted blues, greens, and pastels. If you really want to incorporate bright colors then you use them as accents on your pillows or within artworks.


The type of light you use in your bedroom can have a big impact on your sleep. For instance, if you want to be productive or have work to finish, then you can use a white and bright light. This is pretty much used in an office setting. But do you think it’s applicable for your bedroom? No, right? So opt for warm and low lights that can provide an atmosphere that you are longing for in a relaxing bedroom.


In today’s modern lifestyle, we can be easily disrupted from the dark, serene environment that our bodies need in order to get sleep. Gadgets and other modern devices such as digital clocks, televisions, phones, and computers, can light your bedroom and distract your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

This is pretty obvious but if you feel the need to hide televisions, or computers and bright digital alarm clocks, then just hide it away in a side table drawer. Also, pick dark curtain that won’t let any light in from the outside, particularly those sharp streetlamps.


You know the feeling when you get woken up because it’s too cold or warm in your room? To solve this problem, you may want to change your thermostat. Or you can add in your bedroom options such as ceiling fan, portable heater, or heavy blinds, and window treatments, keeping the room dark and avert outside weather conditions from entering your bedroom.


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