What Turns Tele Verification Service A Must Generate Leads?

What, according to your commercial gut, is the prime step for successful lead generation? Isn’t it the ready availability of –

  • Accurate
  • Up-to-date


  • Deliverable

consumer data?

In fact, what marketing experts opine is that the quotient of competitive advantage you are going to have over rivals upon reaching out to real-time potential leads (high probability of converting as customers) is fundamentally depended over –

  • How well you acquire the exact contact details (phone number, address, email I.D) and other information (buying purpose, spending range, product/service criterions) of prospective purchasers – actually interested in your brand

While there do prevail multiple effective digital tools to ‘get close’ to such data, the ‘issue in focus’ emerge to be the very guarantee about the accuracy of this information.

Remember, customer data itself is highly volatile with an inherent 5% probability of altering any time.

And amidst those natural processes of management changes, infrastructural re-shuffling, lay-off periods and schemes of collaborating and taking over, it remains as an indispensable possibility that the buyers’ information possessed will get changed.

But then getting in touch with ambiguous consumers or ending up with futile/fake details eventually lead to a waste of productivity and time for your sales team. An overall negative effect entails your marketing resources, hindering thereby endeavors for lead generation.

Nevertheless, how to prevent alterations, that appear so indispensable? This is where scores the distinctive potentiality of a tele verification service.

Ways Tele Verification Aids

Resorting to this unique serviceability, you come in contact with an agency/firm, which retains a team of savvy and streamlined professionals dedicated –

To ‘tele verify’ consumer data at your disposal.

They give the first call to your targeted prospects and tally the similarities and mismatches within the credentials you hold about them and current self-details the customers are providing.

Once authenticated, your marketing executives receive the most specified and authenticated list of people to be contacted and are thereby enabled to deploy own best strategies to create one productive contact point through every call made or e-mail sent.

The tele verification approach, essentially, infuses sincere leverage to your marketing workforce’s work spirit.

With the pre-assurance that they are going to interact with genuinely interested shoppers, the pros’ confidence experiences an impulsive boost – often resulting very best for your customer acquisition scheme.

The methodology also smartens up and strengthens the base of your entire lead generation endeavor eliminating all layings-off and guess works.

In accordance to the veteran tele callers of Vision Call Services, the other ways this service heightens your business’s scope to fetch more and more true leads come up to be –

  1. Zero redundant phone calls and no more brain-storming over e-mails never-to-be-opened; your resources are channelized towards directions preserving optimum probability of success and thus enhances chance for accomplishing maximum possible ROI on promotional campaigns.
  2. Reaching out to people in the look-out for the exact merchandise/facility you are offering multiplies your marketing team’s communicative efficiency by about 95%.
  3. When consumers receive a call or mail about one product/service in their mind, they ‘love’ that and feel instantly related to the business offering that; as a spontaneous consequence, your brand image heightens for them and doubles the quotient of effective response rate
  4. As an essential functioning rule, tele verifiers ask for a second contact detail from the prospect and the most suiting day/time the one will be available for a ‘talk’; a consumer enthusiastic about your business is most likely to provide those details, while others are going to avoid; any attitude further streamlines the approach for your marketers to pitch the proposal to a ‘hot’ lead and leave past a ‘cold’ consumer
  5. Availability of a validated list of interested contacts helps the marketing team to keep adept track of those people through custom-made e-mail contents, sure-to-engage weekly newsletters, time-specific exciting coupons, access to brand’s exclusive publications like webinars, whitepapers, podcasts and every likewise strategy that stimulates a desiring purchaser to transform as a lead for you
  6. In accordance to the foremost tele verification service in India, sometimes people with a high quotient of buying intent feel at a loss over which brand to choose. The attentive and professional gestures of tele verifiers can guide them through this phase to the right decision, patiently resolving any question they may possess about your brand credibility.
  7. Inclusive feature of SMS and IMS campaigns for accessing a greater number of prospects at newer market spectrums
  8. Scheduled e-mail updates to you over any change or addition to vital lead information and therein assisting marketers to shape own endeavors at pace with those variations
  9. Geographical segmentation of the contact list to make opt-in calls basing upon the cultural dynamics and market laws of one definite region; such a move, most prominently, lets you spot the customers wishing to opt for your promotions (thus valuable as prospect) and those who are unlikely to do so; in effect you get to concentrate over the former ones better and nurture quality relationships with the one

The tele verification method, when combined with your lead generation module, delivers quantifiable results for the commerce in the long run and bring a home a higher percentage of receivables.

However, its implicit functionality does not end here. In relation to this serviceability, you also accomplish the productivity of data-cleansing procedure that –

  • Screens your ‘in-house’ files and texts through progressive automation and produces adept Quality Assessment Report ascertaining your database’s authenticity
  • Regularly conducts automated hygiene check over phone facts and e-mail details you preserve
  • Time-to-time freshening up of database by doing away with fake, out-of-date and non-active records
  • Minimizing spam reports
  • Keeping only those consumer details as certified, in where people have patiently completed the first call session, answering all vital questions.

May verified and beneficent leads be your key driver of growth!

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