Why you really need to Backup Office 365 Data

Office 365 tools are a part of every work environment. Every professional, regardless of the department, uses one or multiple office 365 tools. Each workday generates more and more office 365 data. All of this data has its significance. But can you imagine using any of it? Imagine finishing up a presentation and then accidentally deleting it; that usually means hours of data loss. Doesn’t it?

This is why it’s important to always have a means of recovery. Setting up backup solutions is like fastening a seat belt each time you go out for a drive. It’s obvious that you’re not going to end up in an accident every day; however, you’re still prepared for it. The same principle applies to data. You need to have a means to recover your data; because it’s important.

Backup your Office 365 data

You can choose to setup simplified cloud backup for office 365 data and you can setup on-premises backup infrastructure. This depends on the scale of data generation and the speed of backup and recovery you need. Solutions like Veeam backup and replication can deliver enterprise-level backup and recovery for your workloads. You can integrate Veeam with cloud technology and setup data protection without the addition of a single hardware appliance.

You can also choose to setup Veeam-ready on-premises infrastructure to protect your mission-critical data. Again, this depends on the scale of your data. If you’re a SMB, then cloud based backup should be good for you. However, if you have hundreds of workstations, then hybrid backup solutions would be better. Hybrid backup solutions combine on-premises technology and cloud technology. You can use the on-premises backup appliance for mission-critical workloads and keep copies of your data in the cloud while creating data tiering policies to move older backups to the cloud. This will reduce overall cost of backups as it will consume less on-premises storage space. Cloud computing models are cost effective, so you’ll be able to leverage the cost efficiency of the cloud with the speed of the on-premises infrastructure.

Office 365 doesn’t secure your data by default

If for some reason, you assume that your Office 365 data is already taken care of; you’re misinformed. Office 365 does not offer any backup technology or solution. It only retains data for 30 days and then deletes it. Therefore, if you wish to recover data from the past and don’t have any backup solution setup; then you should try your luck with expensive recovery software. That’s the only way you might recover the data you’re looking for.

Conclusively – Cloud technology is good for SMBs and Hybrid Solutions are best for all kinds of business workloads

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