What Are The Features Of 9Apps Makes It Worth?

Amongst various app stores, 9Apps is the best and largest app store includes various contents. You can able to download any number of contents once you do 9apps install download on your device. There are numerous aspects present in 9Apps its all increases the value of this app store. They are,

Multiple apps:

When you choose this app store then you will be loaded with limitless apps. When you choose to download any of the apps from this app store then it will offer multiple apps in the recommendations. All the apps are provided based on the app that you are searching in this app store. Thus choosing the best app from the list is not even a problem for you. When comes to the apps it will offer both the apps that are available in the popular app stores and then the apps that are not even available in any of the apps. Therefore you can able to download any of the apps in a stress-free manner.


The most notable thing in 9Apps store is its games. This specific content is popular among all the users. Plus all the games available in the 9Apps store are updated one. The latest game content makes the users have a trouble-free app downloading experience. For gamers who love to play the latest and then featured games can definitely make use of 9Apps.

Secured apps:

You all know 9Apps provided with both apps and then the personalized items. All these things are properly tested and then only uploaded on the device. 9Apps do pre-test process for each available app and the contents before going to publish it on the platform. In such a case when you choose any of the items from this app store it will never slip from the security feature. In case any of the app or other things noticed to have a virus then that things will be completely taken away from the platform.

Tiny size:

Since it is an app store you all feel that it require much space means then change such though by now. 9Apps is not that kind of app store that eats up most of the space in your device. The total size of this app store is just 6 to 8MB so you don’t want to spend more space. At the same time, when you choose to download any app on this app store as well not much space is required. Since compared with another app store all the apps present in the app need less space only.

Likewise, when you have downloaded and installed any app then you can freely delete the source file present in the library. It will also help you to secure lofty of space in the device.

Offline installation:

When you choose the 9apps install download then you can easily install the app without internet establishment on your device. Just download the app you want and then turn off the internet connection now install the app. The app will get installed in a seamless manner. If you want all these features then it’s required to download and then install the 9Apps store.  

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