Ways to Make Your Site SEO Friendly

Webmasters use all kinds of methods to effectively optimize their websites. Some of the ways which are used by webmasters to optimize their websites for SEO are link exchange, directory submission, article submission, and social bookmarking.

Link exchange used to be a popular method that is used by web developers in the past. In the past, websites that have the most links will rank on the top position in the search result. Those days are gone now. Nowadays, many factors are taken into account when ranking a site the search engine result. Despite that, link exchange still has value if it is performed on a small scale. You cannot link exchange with too many websites otherwise you will damage your search engine ranking. It is recommended that you don’t have exchange links with more than 10 sites. If the search engine detects that you exchange links with too many sites, it will deindex all your pages or put you at the back of the search engine. The websites which you exchange link with must be related to your niche. If the website has a niche that is different than your website, your backlink will have lesser value.

One way is to find an internet marketing company that has contact with a number of websites. Ask them to do link exchange after you give them a link on your site first. After that, you can send an email to the webmaster and ask him to consider linking back to you. Your website must be informational and provide useful content for its readers so that it will be worthy for the webmaster to link back to you. In the email, you can mention the benefits of the link partnership. You can browse the link page of the site and check for the invalid links. When you find an invalid link, you can mention it in the email. The webmaster will feel that you care about his site and may possibly agree to link exchange with you.

The most effective way of building backlinks is through off-site optimization. You can submit your site to the directories to get backlinks to your site. There are thousands of directories on the internet so you have the chance to get thousands of backlinks. The article directories are useful for selling your products or services. If you want to sell your product with an article, make sure you write an article that offers information to the consumers. You should not directly pitch the product in the article. It is just as if you are at the store and a salesperson comes near you. The first thing that comes across your mind is to go away from the salesperson. Nobody likes a salesperson to keep pitching about a product to them. If you want customers that can convert into sales, they have to come to you naturally. The articles can provide all kinds of information about the topic which you are promoting.

Social bookmarking can increase the visibility of your site in the search engine. To key to success in social bookmarking is to create an interesting title for the post. If the title of your post is interesting, people will vote for it.

Tips to Consider

  1. Make your URLs user-friendly- When writing an article for your website, if you think URL is not your priority. Then you are wrong! First of all, you have to make sure that the URL of each page is unique. Don’t overlook the lighter details.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content- If you are writing duplicate content on your website, then stop doing right now. Writing duplicate content on your site may lead you to SEO issues and in the future, Google will penalize the ranking of your website. So, to keep your SEO top notch, I recommend you to stay away from duplicate content as far as you can.
  3. Optimize Images- When you write an article on your website, Images play a crucial in helping your users and optimizing the SEO of your site. In addition to this, don’t use more than the required images. It may increase the time of loading your site.
  4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing- Keywords are a foundation to your site, they help you rank on Search Engines for particular keywords. So, if your goal is to rank on a keyword, then I advise you to avoid any type of keyword stuffing. It can damage your website.

Internal Linking- Internal Linking makes it easier for your user to navigate on your site and helps you in building the authority of your website. If you provide relevant links to your users, they will temp to stay longer at your site. This results in a lower bounce rate. Moreover, if your website has a low bounce rate, it has more chances of ranking on Top in the search engines


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