Top 5 Web Design Trends to Follow with Your SEO

It is important to keep up with the latest trends in the market if you want to grow your online business and even to maintain your current position. That alone is not enough! You also need to keep updating your processes, your services and very importantly, your website.

Other than the ease of navigation and appeal, the websites should be updated in terms of content and be able to provide quick customer service. These are just the basics. Currently, the two indicators used by search engines to assess the quality of a website – which in turn affect their position on the SERPs – are the ‘Bounce Rate’ and ‘Dwell Time’. It is important to reduce the first and improve the second for SEO.

Some of the current trends in web designing that you should think of incorporating in your web design are discussed below:

1. Optimize the Mobile Website

Google will soon implement “Mobile-first” indexation according to which the mobile version of your website will be considered as the primary website and will be used for your SEO rankings. Google has been stressing on the optimization of the mobile websites since the announcement. Hence, websites should be able to adapt to the platform, size and orientation of the device. Get connected with a good website designing company Delhi today to get this done for your websites.

2. Use Scalable Vector Graphics

These are not new but currently a dominating feature in the designs of 2018. These are being used now to replace heavy images and make the websites more suitable for other platforms in accordance with the impending new indexation. These have proven ideal as they are lightweight, maintain their quality in all sizes and are a good fit with the other media such as logo animations, 360-degree views and 3D images.

3. Improve Social Media Micro-Interaction

No website is complete without social media. Being able to share information through the websites is always appreciated. It is better still if you are able to get updates without refreshing the page. Small improvements, which make multi-tasking a better experience, significantly add to a better user experience of your website.

4. Incorporate Animations

Animations are a fun element to keep the customers happy while they browse. They do not just entertain your customers and increase the dwell time but also significantly reduce the agitation during a transition from one page to the other. This helps in reducing the ratio of people exiting the website due to loading speeds.

5. Get Sticky Elements

This is a great way to make navigation a better experience for your user. The sticky menus are ‘stuck’ to the bottom of the page and make it convenient to move between pages without going all the way up. The sticky ads are also more acceptable and hence effective as they are just there without causing obstruction.


SEO depends on how you design your website and what elements you choose to incorporate. The latest trends will keep you in the race for the top spot. Of course, these should be added without affecting the essence of your business propositions. You can consult an experienced digital marketing company in Pune, Delhi or anywhere else for discussing your online business strategy. You should work out a sensible design before you make any drastic changes to your website.

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