Tips to Set Up a Linksys 2.4 GHz Network

Linksys Extender Setup and setting up a home network is no longer daunting task with a 2.4GHz Linksys wireless router. A smart router transmits a wireless internet signals to the WiFi capable devices (any) that is within the range of the WiFi network and comes with extra smart security features that are pre-installed.

In just few rose-petal steps, you will be surfing on the internet on bed, porch, backyard, couch, door front, and even balcony.

  • Keep the router unplugged and turn off your cable modem as well.
  • Plug one end of the cable into Ethernet jack of the cable modem and insert other end of the Ethernet cable into internet port of the router.
  • Wait for few minutes and turn on your cable modem. Wait for few seconds for the internet signals to turn back on completely.
  • Turn on the router and plug in the power source. After couple of seconds, you will see glowing internet lights that indicate you are connected to the network and ready for Linksys smart Router WiFi login.
  • Turn on your laptop or computer and connect it to the signals of Linksys router. Load up an updated and relevant web browser of your choice and type into the address box field. In order to open the setup utility for the router’s network, hit ‘Enter’.
  • To open the router’s settings menu, you have to click the icon ‘OK’. Set a hard to detect extra strong password to connect to your WiFi network and create the administrator password for the router also.
  • At last, in the setup menu to finish the settings or setup of your network, click ‘save settings’ and ‘OK’.

We hope that you have gone through the aforementioned steps and undertake to abide by the same. Still facing issues? No worries as we are always here to help you and take you out of infuriating situations. Simply contact our tech support team and see how your problems are solved with just blink of an eye.

Get yourself aware about Linksys Smart WiFi Router Password.

Now, Let Us Move a Little Step Forward With You to Discuss ‘How to Setup a Linksys Router with Verizon Fios

Fios stands for ‘Fiber Optic Service’. It provides home phone services, TV, and the internet powered by a 100% ‘fiber-optic network. It is perfectly said as the future of the internet and WiFi. We also thanks Verizon fiber-optic network, internet speed stays fast, phone calls come via crystal clear, and for delivering hundreds of TV channels.

Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login allows users to connect to the internet via safe and reliable wireless connection. With the help of high internet speed provided Verizon Fios, a customer can choose to purchase a wireless router or connect to the computer from the modem directly using an damage-free and well-maintained Ethernet cable. Suppose if you are using a portable device with WiFi capability, the liberty to move around in home or office can be an advantage to set up your Linksys router while receiving active and live internet signals.

  • Firstly, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the modem and other end of the cable to the LAN port of your wireless router.
  • Plug both the devices into an electrical outlet; wait for few seconds for the green lights to appear next to the wireless icon that is situated on the front panel of Linksys router.
  • As soon as you see flashing LED lights, the internet connection should establish between both the mentioned devices.
  • In order to test the connection, load up a web/ internet browser on your computer/ laptop. Suppose if the WiFi network isn’t secure, you will be able to access the internet freely without any issue. And if the connection is secure, enter the password and network name, which can easily be obtained by our tech support team.

Smart WiFi Setup Not Working? Get free and instant technical support help from our finest and hand-pecked technicians in the world. Just drop in the comment section below whatsoever is in your mind. We will be lucky and glad to be a helping hand for you.

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