Smart way to Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

The mobile app industry has seen a significant shift in the pattern of mobile app retention metrics in the last few years. It is essential for an app to sustain in the market. In the last few years’ mobile app marketers experienced the growth of the apps with a specific trend.  There are a few apps with a constant higher user’s retention.

The assistance of the app is totally dependent on user retention and user experience. E-Commerce is also discovering new strategies in order to increase mobile app engagement rates. It is important to create an engagement strategy that boasts high-quality communication among users. Having a huge number of downloading app feels great. But more important is retention rate not about numbers of downloads.

Though, a good app is directly proportional to the higher retention rate. Another most important factor is the duration a user interacts with your app. Therefore, we can say that the mobile app triumph is calculated on the basis of this key metric.

App Retention Significance for Marketers

For the businesses and enterprise, it is becoming more important to build an effective retention strategy. Strong mobile app engagement strategy should become a habit of the user with a reason to keep coming back to your mobile app.

Your mobile app should surprise users with integrated features. If your app growth keeps on increasing which ensures that your users are curving onto your app and keep coming back for more. Researchers and marketers looking for new metrics that matter for the increase of app engagement. The usual mistake they prioritize user acquisition over retention. The app won’t sustain in the long run unless an effective retention strategy is an implementation.

There are many case studies based on user rotation found that most apps lose a majority of their users after being opened for the first time. It is very important the way brands present their app to users and how easy they make it for them to achieve success with an appealing app. It is estimated that 55% of app users who engage with an app in the first week after download stick with it and retain.

App retention metrics:

Zests of personalization – This factor plays a vital role that gives users the desired experience, according to personalized preferences within the app. There are few zests of personalization that pay big results. Users feel personalized if they are notified by their name. This provides them the sense of personalization and reason to remain attached with the application.

Attractive suggestions – An app offering new suggestions according to past user experience creates a lot more difference. Apps offering personalized suggestion helps users to evolve more according to the suggestion provided. More suggestion means more retention while exploring them.

Push notification – Moreover, such apps also save related information automatically for future perspective. This sensible act of the app helps the user to stay connected and also drop push notification when the user is not using the app.

Location based service – Apart from that user get offer, according to location. That means the availability of the app is also dependent on the location plus the delivery of the app is dependent on the location. To make the user experience more hassle less the user location is also saved. The users no need to save the location every time it logs in the App.

Glance of benefits – Users look for the benefits the app can offer. Highlighting most prominent benefits of your app before they have signed up for your app. Offer a showcase of a few major benefits that make your app stand out from the other apps. Also, give the glance of benefits to the user after they create an account in the app.

A user downloads an app to solve their day to day life problems or task. They have the reason for downloading the app. So, it is very important to know several reasons users look for the app. An app acting as a problem solver has the probability to stay in the hands of the users.

Bottom line

If you need to inspire downloaders as many as possible and make them continue using your app try retaining strategies. Your app’s main goal is maximizing your mobile app retention rate.  As a result, it would turn into beneficial opportunities for your business.

Author Bio: Harry William is Business Marketing Specialist at Quytech, a leading Android App Development Company. You can hire android developers to develop an app for your business.


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