Mind Mapping for Creating Characters

Mind mapping is a way of gathering all your information and ideas in one place. It can be done on a white board or a paper. It is a great tool for writers to use to write something, it get your creative juices flowing. It will help you with a terrible writing blog by jolting your brain awake. It is also very beneficial when you think of writing an inclusive piece as it can be used to refer back to. This will help you not skip a point you wanted to make. You can use it for multiple things for example writing an article, a story or even a character sketch. Our focus today is making up characters with the help of a mind map.

Character building is very interesting but can be a tricky job. You have to be very specific and detailed. Think of it as designing a doll. What would it look like? What color its hair will be? And what would its personality be like? Are all questions you must answer when building your character.

Creating a character does not require extraneous efforts, you don’t have to spend money buying soft wares online to get a perfect character. You just need a paper, a pencil and a good cup of coffee to sketch a character. Or you can go for free soft wares available online if you’re very tech-savvy. 

Let’s take you on a ride to the perfect character.

To design the perfect character you must do the following steps that too in the same pattern as mentioned.

  • Make a big bubble in the center of the page and draw lines all around it.
  • Start writing whatever comes to your mind at the other end of the lines.
  • Make further branches to the ideas to expand on them

For example: girl to eye color to brown.

  • It is not important to write words only, you can even draw things down.

This will help you imagine the character in your mind. You need to start every character the same way and then add variations as you progress.

 Let’s take an example: start by making the bubble and write the name of your character in the bubble. Then write down what he or she looks like. Here you will talk about the physical attributes of your character.  You can add a picture of someone you can relate to the character. This will inspire you and your imagination will be vivid. Now move towards the personality of your character, is he / she funny? Do they like to play sports? This will give more complexity to your character. You can also use colored pencils, each color for a special character. Do it how you please. There are no rules when it come from this. Go wild with your imagination.

After this you can work on your character’s depth. Make headings for each aspect. For example you can include family as it is the main aspect for an individual’s personality. Under this heading you can talk about siblings, parents or a lack thereof. Having parents or no parents play a crucial role in a character’s like. Make sure to include details now. After this you can talk about friends. A person is known by the friends he keeps. Same goes for your character. Describe your character’s friends and their distinct personalities. It will make it easier to understand your character better. Lastly include the history. What is the story of the character, is it tragic? Does it involve any trauma? You don’t need to write details you can just include key words. Not only your character’s history should be involved, you can also include the history of the family. In your history you must include secrets or important events. For example, you can say that your character is afraid of spiders. You can also include quirks or hobbies.

Factors to remember:

  • You don’t need to complicate things. Refrain yourself from writing long sentences, you’ll only waste your time. Just include key words.
  • It is suggested that you use more and more pictures and write using colors. This will help you maintain interest. Using colors will also help you be creative. The color psychology plays an important role here.
  • Make it extremely personalized. Do things that help you think? If it’s doodling that helps your creative juices run then go for it. Doodle away.
  • Use visuals, pictures to keep your brain and eye engaged. Engaging both your senses will make your content more creative.

As soon as you start mind mapping you will be able to write your characters with ease. If there are still some confusions you can get help from UK Essays Help writing company. You need to extensively research and find the best website available. Leave a message in their chat box and they will get back to you in a jiffy. You can get the help you want to form a professional in your field.

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