3 Productive Tools to Discover Content

Selecting the right content for your business is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. It is a very difficult job to find and create a content that suits your business needs. But fortunately, there are many tools and software that can help you in finding some of the best articles and videos to share.

Content marketing strategy is holding a significant place in digital marketing. You need content to represent yourself and deliver your message to your audience. Content helps you to attract, engage, and hold your customers. It acts as a driving force to attract the customers and you can use it properly in your search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Every business is try his best to create content that can deliver their brand message. They try to make it interesting, valuable, and informative. The audience loves to read, watch, and listen the content from a business. If you are offering quality content, the audience surely recognizes your business and know about your authority on the topic. Furthermore, they get attached to your company only for the reason that you are providing valuable content according to their need. When you are convincing your audience with your content and providing them the best they deserve. Attractive and useful content ideas for blog will help you in increasing your sales.

The key to success is to pick and organize the content that is related to your niche. If you are picking the content like a post, blog, or articles it should be relevant to your business. To get ahead from your competitors try to create a content that is not shared on the social media or in your email newsletter.

In the following blog you will know about the content discovery tools that will help you in finding good content:

1-Discovering Content

If you are looking for a platform to get content that benefits your business, then Buzzsumo is one of the best content discovery platform that you can use.

Buzzsumo content research will assist in you finding good content topic ideas that you can create for your business. When you enter your query for searching content, it provides you a filterable list of popular content. For instance, you are working in a digital marketing agency and looking to read blogs related to SEO. You can type “SEO for small business” to get the results offering you various content writing topics.

Moreover, you can use filters to get the content published and you can ignore articles and infographics from the list. You can also exclude items appearing from your competitors. To use content creatively in your SEO practices and staying ahead of your competition you can contact Boston MA SEO company to get the best results.

Buzzsumo is one of the trending tools to search for content. It gives you the details of the content that show the currently trending topics in the search according to the query. In addition, if you are looking for another platform, then you can use ContentGems.

2-SEO Platforms

Selecting content is easy and you can use various platform to pick the best content. You can use popular SEO platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs. They also help in discovering the content along with the SEO insights.

Ahrefs: In Ahrefs, the tool used for finding content is called “Content Explorer”. To use it you need to understand this example. Consider that you are having a business that offers SMM, PPC, SEO, and many more.

One of the popular topic according to the business is SEO. You will be creating content that will be focusing on SEO and you will be sharing it on your website blog. You may be including one blog in your newsletter. But if you are planning to include a curated content in your newsletter and sharing it in different Facebook Groups., then you can use Content Explorer in Ahrefs for the help

When you will be searching topics related to SEO, you can use filters for publishing date, popularity, language, and word count. When you will make a search, you will get various content in the results that will be having different details according to the filters used.

Each of the content that appears will be a good candidate for you to choose. You can find more as well. Ahrefs also provide you “details” of each blog. One of the detail reports provided include backlinks. It gives you the results of all the sites that are linking to a particular result and most of the time many of the websites that are shown are worth considering. Moreover, if you are looking to uplift your ranking on search engine and making your business website worthy, then you should contact experienced SEO consultants for assistance.

SEMrush: In this, Content Marketing Toolkit” is having a purpose to help finding the topics that can attract customers. But it can be used further to pick the content that is worthy to be shared.

For instance, use the Content Marketing Toolkit’s topic research tool for searching topics related to SEO and filtering the results for the United States. You can view the results in many ways that include an interesting mind map. But to find and organize the content the “Explorer” view will be more suitable as it shows a list of popular content.

3-RSS Readers

Feedly is one of the best RSS readers that help you in finding the best sources for content. The thing that makes Feedly different from other is that it does not provide a list of popular content instead it gives you a list of sources.

The sources provided might be a popular website or expert bloggers.  For instance, if you will search for anything regarding your need let’s say photography, then Feedly will show you various sources that will be relevant to your search.

Furthermore, with Feedly, you can integrate RSS feeds from any site that you will like to follow. However, if you find any useful article using Buzzsumo or Ahrefs you can follow that publisher with Feedly. Some of the other RSS tools include Inoreader, Bloglovin, and News Blur.

These were some of the tools that can help you in finding the best content. Furthermore, if you are interested to get content writing services to make the quality of your content better for your business. It is suggested to contact an experienced company or hire expert bloggers.

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