How User Friendly App Convert Visitor To Buyer

If you already have an app or are looking into buying one, we have got tips for you to convert your app users into paying customers. We are bringing you 4 ways to convert your app visitor into a buyer.

1. Make sure that your contact details and work hours are displayed

If your app makes it difficult to navigate to the contact section of your website, you will most likely not get a high turnover from visitor to buyer. You need to make it easy and accessible for the visitor to contact you in order for them to ask any questions they have about the product before making a purchase. I’ve seen websites where the contact us section is missing altogether and no contact information is given even in the footer of the index or home page. Make sure that you are making it easy for the buyer to call you at a number that is local or is international and clearly labeled so. Also include the office address for those who would prefer to get in touch with you the antiquated way, through snail mail or personal visits. Be open to having meetings and talks over the phone with your potential buyers.

2. Your Call to Action needs to be well-thought out

If you put well placed cues to take action or buy your products around the website then the browser will feel inclined to click on the buy button. If the buy button Is placed farther than the rest of the description of the product or the call to action is not present at all on the main product catalog, then the visitor will not know where to look. Make sure that all the calls to action are placed right next to the body and the description of each product or service, and that there is a buy button placed next to each and every product and each one has It’s own.

3. Lots of well placed ads

This is in conjunction with the call to action point. But your advertisements are also windows present in the app which make your buyer interested to buy from you. If you have a tonne of ads placed around your website or mobile app, then the chances are that the visitor will feel discouraged to click on them because it will most likely take away from the aesthetic beauty of your website. When you place an ad you are unable to control the colors and the text present in that ad, that is up to the owner of the ad, if you are the owner of all your own ads and say you run your own boutique, and have ads around your website for buying clothes, make sure that each ad complements the rest of the page, and takes up enough space that it is adding to the aesthetic beauty of the website instead of taking away from it.

4. Simple and innovative design

If the design that your website or app has is simple and easy to understand, not too cluttered with text or images, then the buyer will be able to absorb the information which is displayed to them better. If there are too many visual cues and too much text to read, then the buyer will probably choose to close the website and go take their presence elsewhere. You don’t want that, make sure that when the website is being designed, the layout and the text of the website are designed with thought put into making it innovative and creative and eye-catching. You could use color here and there, but not so much that it overpowers the rest of the website, and it ends up looking like someone spilled a set of paints all over the website.

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