How To Evaluate the Domain Age of a Website; Check out the whole Process Here

Search engine optimization is not always easy to achieve because it is not simply one factor that you can tweak to obtain high rankings. Rather, it is a combination of factors. You have got the content. Content covers everything from the value that the content provides, grammatical structure to niche. Then you have to worry about the technicalities of search engine optimization that covers Google indexing, creating a navigable sitemap and more. Now imagine if there was one metric that you could use to control everything that comes into account when getting ranked on search engines. Yes, it is not a dream; such a metric exists. It is called domain authority.

What is domain authority?

You may have heard of the company Moz. It is one of the agencies that provide online tools for search engine optimization. They have come up with a metric that is used by every website owner. DA i.e. domain authority is a metric that takes into account a number of factors that affect your search engine rankings. This metric shares with you its results on a scale of 1 to 100. 100 is the highest score in domain authority. The higher the score, the more your website has chances of ranking higher. Use this website age checker to evaluate the actual working life of your website.

What is a good domain authority?

Remember that domain authority is amalgamation of a number of factors. It takes into account inbound links, external links and more. So naturally if a website has more external links, it will be ranked higher. However, it is important to note that all websites start with a low ranking and grow eventually. And with domain authority, it is not that difficult to improve your score to be honest. If you really want to compete, what you need to do is compare your domain authority against the websites of the same industry. A website like Wikipedia is flooded with external links and it is bound to rank higher on domain authority. However, if I own a bakery and my goal with the website is to simply share information about my business, I will not have a lot of external links. Therefore, compare your score against that of your industry. Just Google the average industry domain authority score for your niche.

Is domain authority same as page authority?

The answer is no. Page authority, as the term indicates, is the ranking of a specific page on your website. It is true that if your domain authority has a decent score, all the pages should have a similar score too since your domain is basically constituted by the pages of your website. However, that is not always the case. It may be that a specific page on your website is doing extraordinarily well in comparison to the overall domain. Therefore, don’t delude yourself like that. Unless you are looking at individual pages, domain authority should be your benchmark to see how well your website is doing on search engines.

How can you check domain authority?

Domain authority, as important as it is, does not require you to invest anything. There are a number of online tools, called domain authority checkers, available that you can access in two clicks. Simply search for domain authority checker on Google. You can check multiple domains at the same time. Another thing to note with a domain authority checker is that it does not require you to provide any verification of the ownership of the website. This means you can check the domain authorities of your competitors and improve your own domain authority accordingly.


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