How to configure the actual number of Google Indexed Pages Of your Site

Google indexing is the first thing you should be worried about when launching. Of course, you should start with creating a website that will have content with zero grammatical errors, an optimum keyword density and information that is valuable to the reader. When you are done with the design and contents of the website, you should start worrying about getting indexed by Google. Click on the below mentioned link to index your page in Google;

What does it mean to be indexed by Google?

Google is a search engine. It browses the web for you and shares with you websites and web pages most relevant to your keyword search. It contains a lot of information. To keep a check on what is shown in search results and to maintain a record, Google has a database. This database contains information about all the websites on the internet. When creating a new one, it is important to get indexed before anything else. Google owns an internet bot called Google crawler. The job of this crawler is to browse various websites and pass this information to Google’s database. On the database, the information is added to the entry. This entry of information is called Google indexing. It is an official statement that ensures your visibility in search engine results. But this does not mean you will be ranked well. This just means you can be ranked. It does not mean that you will.

How to get indexed by Google?

There is no official notification from Google when your website gets indexed. Every website must find it out on its own. Plus, there is no time limit for Google indexing. It may be that Google’s internet bot skips your website for some technical reason. But that is alright. Google indexing can take as few as 6 hours and as many as 6 weeks. It totally depends on the system. However, there are three things you can do to check and update to visibility on search engines. You can search in Google your website. Use the format ‘site:’. All the pages that are indexed by Google on your website will be shown in the results. If not, you can choose to use an online index checker tool. On the tool, you can check up to 5 or 10 URLs all at once.

What’s The Cost?

This is the reason why the tool has an edge over typical Google search index checking. This tool is free of cost and very easy to use. You can search lots of such tools on Google. However, Small SEO Tools is one website that we recommend. If you fail to find your website’s pages using these first two methods, you resort to requesting Google to have your website crawled. For this purpose, you can check out Google’s Search Engine Console. It is a system created to help assist the webmasters how well their websites are doing in search engines. It is a great tool to work with. On the search engine console, you can submit the URL of the website and wait a couple of days to hear back from it. Use the first two steps to verify your visibility.


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