What Is Cloudflare: A Quick Explanation

The people, who are running their websites or blogs online, must aware of the Cloudflare. Most of the times, people are not sure why it is to be used or what can be achieved by using Cloudflare. Many people select it to boost up their blogs and websites, and they are unable to utilize the features of Cloudflare that can be used for many purposes. The best hosting provider companies mostly provide it.

This article is providing you with enough knowledge to understand the features and services of Cloudflare that are beneficial for your website/blog.

Introduction of Cloudflare

The members of Project Honey Pot introduced Cloudflare in 2009. Project Honey pot was a web-based open source architecture that offered websites to collect data from IP addresses. The primary purpose of it was to avoid spam emails.

Cloudflare was officially announced at TechCrunch Disrupt conference by Project Honey Pot. Cloudflare was introduced not only to keep track of malicious activities but also to prevent it at the same time. The main feature of Cloudflare was to secure the website from the external and internal threats that can isolate the safety of the site. Further, the Cloudflare added the elements to prevent the fake traffic, i.e. bots and it also added the advanced caching processes for the proper performance of the website. You can use the Cloudflare by the best web hosting providers listed by BigOfficer.

How Cloudflare Works

Cloudflare works as an intermediary between the server and the visitors. It stores the content of the website on the closest server to optimize the loading speed of the site. The design of Cloudflare provides a filtration level for the security & protection of the website. It detects the malicious & fake traffic, prevents attacks from different sources and limits the spams. It helps the users to optimize the site with maximum loading speed and detecting the phoney traffic, etc.

Why we use Cloudflare

Cloudflare can be the most useful tool for you if you are running an online business, store, blog or any other online website. The user can drive different kinds of benefits from the Cloudflare. At the users’ end, the loading time of website matters at a vast scale, and the Cloudflare optimizes the loading speed as it is described in the functionality of Cloudflare in the above paragraph. By using it, you are securing your website from different malware attacks and also from the fake traffic that increases the optimization of your site.

How to Get Cloudflare

How it sounds useful the same as it is easier to use for your website. At first, you need to select the plan you want to choose for your site. You can choose the basic plan free of cost and others with paid charges. Then, you need to select the website that you want to protect via Cloudflare by pointing the DNS to it. Some of the web hosts are providing the free integration of the Cloudflare.

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