7 Common HTML Mistakes Web Developers Must Know

In this article, we are presenting a list of common HTML mistakes that many web developers commit unknowingly. Hyper Text Mark-Up Language or HTML is a programming language that is used in the creation of web pages. It is an easy-to-learn language which when used along with CSS and JavaScript allows professionals to create custom web pages. It’s compatibility with all major browsers and popular web development tools is another reason for its immense popularity. A Canadian entrepreneur hired a firm known for professional web design services in Vancouver. The agency masterfully used the markup language to create an attractive website with the essential SEO features. However, if the firm did not have expert developers, then the project would have suffered from errors. Let’s take a look at top HTML mistakes that must be avoided at all costs.

1. Providing An Incorrect DOCTYPE

One of the most common errors committed by developers is providing an incorrect DOCTYPE or not providing one at all. The DOCTYPE helps browsers in understanding the HTML version that a page is using. Professionals must never forget to include the DOCTYPE in the very first line of an HTML program before the <html> tag. They must also remember that this declaration is case sensitive.  

2. Not Properly Formatting The HTML

Another common error is usually caused by carelessness rather than ignorance. Professionals do not format the HTML code properly. They make mistakes like forgetting to include closing tags. When a tag encloses a content then it must be closed. Another important point to remember is that HTML tags are closed in the opposite order from which they were opened. Most beginners make the mistake of not nesting HTML tags correctly.

3. Failing To Include Character Encoding

Character encoding enables browsers to understand what type of data they must read and display. Pages created in different languages have separate character sets and if they are not defined correctly than problems can occur in their rendering. A majority of the world’s web pages are created in English but many owners create versions of their interfaces in multiple languages. They need to ensure that correct character sets are defined for all pages.

4. Not Using Proper Tables

One of the most common HTML mistakes is to use improper tables. Most browsers do not experience many problems because of the error. However, this should not be a reason to ignore such mistakes. Always remember to close the <table>, <tr>, or <td> tags. Never place <td> tags outside a <tr>. Moreover, tables must never be placed within inline elements.

5. Using Incompatible Tags Or Attributes

There are numerous attributes of HTML tags that browsers comprehend but they are not a part of the markup language. Using such incompatible tags or attributes is also not an acceptable practice and must be avoided. Moreover, tags and attributes can also vary according to the HTML version being employed by the programmer. The DOCTYPE must be provided at the beginning of the code and a validator tool must be used to identify any incompatible tags or attributes.

6. Not Identifying The Script Type

As mentioned earlier, HTML is combined with other languages like JavaScript and VBScript to create web pages. Developers get more control over their task when such scripting languages are teamed up with the markup language. However, it is essential that the scripting language being used is identified along with the type attribute.

7. Not Using ALT Attributes With Images

The development firm hired by the Canadian entrepreneur was also ranked among the best graphic design companies in Vancouver. It used various attractive images to enhance the visual appeal of the pages. Its experienced professional ensured that the pictures were used after resizing and optimizing. They also made sure that each image was accompanied by an ALT attribute. In case, the image is not displayed for any reason, the attribute will display alternative text in the browser. It also helps search engines in understanding the nature of an image.


These are just a few common HTML mistakes and there are many other errors which web developers must know. It will be helpful in the creation of error-free pages and improving their efficiency.


Jacob Graves is a Web designer by profession and he works for a firm which provides Vancouver Search Engine Services – FernWeb. He uses to write useful tutorials on Web design and socialize its different social media platforms.

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